11 summer real estate marketing ideas to fill your rentals fast

Summer brings with it warmer weather and renters on the move. To capitalize on the growing demand for rentals, here are 11 real estate marketing ideas for agents to try this summer.

June 24, 2024

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With summer officially underway, agents can and should expect to see a flurry of movement from renters on the search for their next home. Based on seasonal trends from recent years, July is peak season for apartment searches, and agents shouldn’t ignore the rental opportunity that comes with the warmer months. 

Knowing how to market your listings is a critical piece of growing your real estate business, and summer presents an opportunity to try fun, fresh ideas that you might otherwise not have considered. In this article, we’ll walk you through 11 summer real estate marketing ideas to boost your listings and help your clients find their next home. 

11 summer real estate marketing ideas for 2024

As you gear up for the busy season, here are several real estate marketing ideas to implement to reach prospective clients, close more deals, and take advantage of the hot summer market. 

1. Offer a summer move-in special

With apartment searches expected to peak in July, take advantage of the high demand to offer a promotional discount to prospective tenants. When promoting your listing, consider offering a reduced security deposit or waiving certain fees to get more eyes on your listing and encourage applicants to make quicker decisions. 

2. Create an event bulletin board

Summer is filled with all kinds of events and now is the perfect time to create a local bulletin board promoting all the fun things happening in the neighborhood. From Pride Month to July 4th to Memorial Day, look for both paid and free community events to promote to prospect tenants. If you need help finding what’s going on in the neighborhood, consider checking out the local chamber of commerce to see what’s been posted. 

3. Incorporate summery decor 

In-person and virtual tours are meant to give applicants an opportunity to picture themselves in your rental listing. With summer in full swing, consider using summer-themed decorations to help prospects better envision what their lives could look like during these months. Opt to use bright, colorful decorations when staging your home and don’t be afraid to play up outdoor living spaces with accessories you might find at a backyard cookout. 

4. Host a raffle with a local business

In addition to showing off your listing, consider building connections with the local community and offering to host a giveaway with a nearby business. Not only will this help to get more eyes on your property, it can also encourage prospective tenants to interact with and get to know the different shops, entertainment options, and restaurants in the neighborhood. 

5. Promote a listing’s energy efficient amenities

Given how hot the summer time can be, many renters are going to be looking at how much certain utilities like air conditioning will cost them. When promoting your listing, make sure to highlight any amenities like smart thermostats, energy efficient refrigerators, electric cooking appliances, and LED lighting that can help clients save on utility bills. Additionally, you can also provide applicants with energy saving tips and best practices that will ensure tenants stay cool during the summer without costing them an arm and a leg. 

6. Invest in your social media presence

With so many people taking to social media to share their summer adventures, now is the time to go all in on your social media marketing strategy. Make it a habit to consistently publish new content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok or look into creating short video tours to highlight your latest listing. If you haven’t considered it already, investing in paid social campaigns can also help you increase the reach of your posts and get your properties in front of more prospective renters. 

7. Take your tour outdoors

Make your in-person showings pop by taking things outside and hosting a cookout, happy hour, or movie night to really show off your listing and build community. Hosting a summer-themed event can help you attract prospective renters while simultaneously giving applicants a chance to imagine what life might look like at that property. 

8. Offer a referral program

Build out your clientele by offering a referral reward to your existing clients whenever they refer friends or family to your business. Consider giving out promotions like rent discounts or gift cards to local businesses whenever your client’s referral signs their next lease. 

9. Sponsor a local event

Get your name and business out into the public when you offer to sponsor or participate in a local community event. From block parties to summer camps to community service events, there are a number of summer opportunities to partner with businesses that operate in the neighborhood. In addition to strengthening your ties to the community, this is a great way to get your name out there. 

10. Promote additional services

Help your clients make their move as seamless as possible by offering extra services in addition to finding and closing on their rental home. Consider sharing your resources for movers, storage units, or interior designers to really help your clients take advantage of the summer and make their home the best it can be. 

11. Start thinking about fall 

Fall may feel like a world away, but it’s never too early to start preparing your marketing strategies for the cooler months. Consider using a social media calendar or scheduling tool to help you map out your content for the rest of the year while staying on top of your summer posts. Start brainstorming fall holidays, like Halloween and Veterans Day, to inspire your next campaign and use this time to craft your strategy to free up time now before your schedule gets too busy. 

Take advantage of the hot summer market

Summer is one of the best times for renters on the move and agents know just how big an opportunity the warmer months bring for their business. From marketing properties to juggling showings to closing new deals, agents are likely to find themselves with their hands full from June onward. 

To help you stay ahead of the competition, take advantage of the summer themes to really make your listings pop and fill vacancies in no time at all. If you’re ready to move your clients forward in their search and help them secure their next home, consider using RentSpree to make the entire application process a breeze. With your free account, you can screen and sign your next tenant client in no time!


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