API Integration

Implement a streamlined tenant screening process via API

Configure your platform to fit user needs by integrating tenant screening processes into your rental platform.

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Enrich your rental platform

Go Beyond Inquiry Forms

Allow leads to submit an online rental application complete with a full tenant verification package. No more “check availability” forms or email inquiries.

Identify Interested Parties

Eliminate lukewarm leads by adding an Apply Now button. Renters who commit to completing a tenant background check and online rental application separate themselves from the pack.

Easily Integrate Features

RentSpree’s API can quickly be added with minimal impact to existing platforms. Implementation is seamless and can take as little as 3 weeks.

Mark Peterson

Chairman, Board of Directors - ZipLogix

What our clients are saying...

What Our Clients are Saying

With the expansion of the national rental market, the benefits to agents and brokers are undeniable. Offering an integrated platform with RentSpree that automates rental transactions will save time and reduce liability for our customers in a significant way.

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