Rent Payment

Easily collect and
pay rent online

From autopay to rent reminders to credit reporting, RentSpree offers an intuitive rent payment solution for everyone.

Rent payment, simplified

Get paid quickly and safely

RentSpree partners with Stripe to safely deposit payments into a landlord’s bank account. No more lost paper checks in the mail.

Pay the way you want

Renters can schedule recurring payments in advance and have flexible payment options including ACH and credit card.

Manage payments in one place

Easily track and send rent, late fees, and rent reminders from our comprehensive payments dashboard.

A solution that works
for everyone


Pay rent from the convenience of your home and report on-time payments to build your credit as a renter.


Get paid faster, on time, and hassle-free when you collect rent and other deposits through RentSpree.


Support your clients as they navigate their rental journey and build relationships between renters and landlords that last.

Simplify the rent collection process today

Join over 300,000 agents, landlords, and property managers already using RentSpree to streamline their rental workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I sign up for rent payment through RentSpree?
Is rent payment with RentSpree secure?
What is the processing fee?
How long does it take for a rent payment to be processed?
What payment methods do you accept?