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RentSpree is an award-winning platform changing the rental market

We offer a secure platform for you to submit your Rental Application and receive tenant screening reports that will not damage your credit score.


Benefits of using RentSpree

Soft credit pull, no hard inquiry

We use a soft credit inquiry for TransUnion's screening reports which will not ding your credit score.

Apply to 2nd property for free

Only fill out your application once and use it to apply for multiple properties.

One application for multiple properties

You can view easy-to-read, mobile-friendly applications from anywhere. No need to be tied down to an office or computer to find the best tenants.

Your journey in RentSpree

Submit an application

Receive an ApplyLink™

You will receive ApplyLink™ to apply from your property representative. If you haven’t received it, please ask the property representative for one or contact us for help.

Complete the application process

Follow the instructions and complete the online rental application and/or tenant verification. The whole process takes minutes.

Sign the lease

Get the application result

Your property representative will receive access to your reports and you'll receive an email notification once they have made a decision.

Sign lease

Access lease agreements shared by your property representative and provide your digital signatures.

Move into your dream property

Obtain renters insurance

Sign up for renter insurance to insure everything you own from damage and loss with a policy that fits your needs and budget.

Receive invitation to pay rent online

Once your landlord sets up rent payment, you can easily begin paying your rent online. If you haven’t received an invitation, please ask for one or contact us for help. 

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