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You'll have all the information you need to choose the best tenants for your properties.

Why use an online Rental Application?

Simplified data collection

Receive all necessary applicant data the first time around. No more hunting down missing information and documents.

Ultra convenient

Send an ApplyLink™ via text, email, or printout for renters to submit the rental application online.

Always accessible

You can view easy-to-read, mobile-friendly applications from anywhere. No need to be tied down to an office or computer to find the best tenants.

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How Rental Application works

Invite interested renters to apply

Email or text ApplyLink™ to prospective renters, then sit back and relax. The application won’t be sent until all required information is provided by the applicant.

Receive email notification

You'll receive an email notification once your applicants have entered all required information and authorized their screening reports to be pulled. You get all of the information you need from TransUnion.

Make informed decisions

You can access each applicant's reports in seconds — allowing you to quickly determine the best renter for your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What information is included with the RentSpree online lease application?
Does the applicant provide an e-signature on the online rental application or authorize that the information is true?
Can I request the rental application without tenant screening reports?
Do you verify what the applicant enters on their rental application or not?
How can I assist my applicant who is having issues finishing the online rental application process?