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Modernize your member benefits with RentSpree

Provide members with rental technology that provides instant value. Help reduce liability and streamline rental processes for your members.


Maximize your member's value

Provide Exclusive Benefits

Members of your organization can enjoy exclusive free benefits when you partner with RentSpree. Your members will also get priority access to invaluable education and training materials.

Reduce liability

Drastically limit the amount of sensitive information that comes into contact with members. RentSpree handles each applicant using a standardized process that minimizes risk.

Offer the Industry Standard

RentSpree has been adopted by many of the largest real estate organizations in the nation. You can provide your members with the latest and greatest technology at no cost.

Don Faught

Chair - California Association of REALTORS®

What our clients are saying...

What Our Clients are Saying

This alliance makes our members’ lives easier by applying cutting-edge technology to the tenant varification process. With RentSpree’s standardized application system, California REALTORS® will be extremely well-equipped to exceed the expectations of landlords and renters alike.

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