Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles Introduces Automated Tenant Screening Through RentSpree

RentSpree and the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA) are partnering to provide AAGLA’s 10,000 members with RentSpree’s robust rental solutions to streamline the tenant screening process.

August 15, 2018

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August 15th, 2018

News Release:

Los Angeles, CA. August 15, 2018:  The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA) offers RentSpree to its members to deliver tenant screening solutions. RentSpree effectively eliminates all paperwork and will grant AAGLA’s members the ability to handle the entire tenant screening process in one step.  This is crucial for rental property management where time is money.

In the past, collecting a completed rental application and screening reports took days. RentSpree distills the process down to minutes and will notably be implementing the first digital version of AAGLA’s proprietary rental application form.

“Los Angeles has the third highest renter rate among major U.S. cities.  As such, AAGLA must keep on the cutting edge of the resources and tools it provides for its more than 10,000 members” stated Dan Yukelson, the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles’ Executive Director. “RentSpree provides one of the most seamless screening processes I have seen.  The tremendous value it provides to our members is undeniable.”

“In addition to its incredible political advocacy, AAGLA prides itself on helping members reach the peak of operational efficiency.” said Michael Lucarelli, Co-founder, RentSpree. “RentSpree will enable AAGLA members across Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Bernardino counties to effortlessly access the comprehensive information required to make optimal rental decisions.”

About the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles

The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles has been the voice and advocate of the rental housing industry for over 100 years!  We are an association comprised of property owners and managers and of suppliers and service providers who seek professional growth, operational advice, and advocacy on behalf of the rental housing industry.  The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles is comprised of members who have a passion and interest for investment property and want to maintain the highest professional standards in the rental housing industry.  Our members house Southern California.  We have more 10,000 members that own or manage over 150,000 rental housing units throughout our territory, which includes the counties of Ventura, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Counties.

About RentSpree

RentSpree is a Los Angeles-based real estate company that has created a proprietary platform allowing landlords and property managers to seamlessly screen and verify tenants. The award-winning tool automates the lease application process for property representatives by providing a 24/7, one-stop system for screening applicants. Visit http://aagla.rentspree.com for more information.

For More Information:

Contact: Michael Lucarelli. Co-founder, www.Rentspree.com  310-496-9336

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