The rental platform built for real estate brokerages

Let us handle the entire rental process for you. RentSpree helps save time and reduces liability for your brokerage and agents.


Empower your agents

Hands-on training

Give agents the knowledge necessary to work safely and effectively with rentals. RentSpree can conduct presentations, webinars, and more to ensure agents handle rentals the right way the first time.

Reduce liability

Agents who work with RentSpree know that RentSpree manages the entire screening process. No more handling sensitive information or collecting screening fees from clients.

Save time

Any agent can sign up and start screening tenants in two minutes or less. All reports are returned efficiently, even on nights and weekends so there is never any waiting. RentSpree gets the deal done.

Simplify Rental Applications

Invite applicants to apply

Share ApplyLink™ with prospective renters so they can apply online. RentSpree will then walk applicants through the entire application process.

Applicants give authorization

Applicants enter all required information and authorize their TransUnion screening reports to be pulled and shared with you.

View and share with landlords

You will receive an email notification for each applicant who applies. Access all reports in seconds and share with landlords - allowing them to determine the best renter for their properties.

Receive robust Tenant Screening reports

Full Credit Report & Score

Get a complete overview of applicants’ credit histories, including all payment history, trade lines, inquiries, collections, and more.

Criminal Background Check

Screen prospective tenants with a comprehensive background check that searches over 200 million criminal records.
*Not available in the state of New Jersey

Eviction Related Proceedings

Access an applicant’s eviction history with resources from over 25 million records across all 50 states.
*Not available in the state of New York

What our clients are saying

Art Carter, CEO - California Regional MLS

Art Carter

CEO - California Regional MLS

RentSpree has our stamp of approval as a tool that will allow agents and brokers to maximize their time and efforts. With RentSpree, agents can work smarter, not harder as they navigate through the tenant verification process.

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