The RENEW Podcast: Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone with Sarah Trent Miranda, Chief Relationship Officer at CRMLS

June 8, 2023

2 min read


In the latest episode of The RENEW Podcast, hosted by Lauren Martin, Sales Director at RentSpree and Founder of RENEW, shines a spotlight on Sarah Trent Miranda, the Chief Relationship Officer at California Regional MLS (CRMLS).  

Sarah Trent Miranda's journey in the real estate industry showcases the importance of mentorship, and the courage to pursue personal growth. Sarah's story exemplifies the resilience and determination necessary to thrive in a competitive industry, from her humble beginnings answering phones in her mother's office to her current role as Chief Relationship Officer at CRMLS. Her commitment to female mentorship and empowerment is a testament to the potential for growth and success when women support and uplift each other in real estate and beyond.

Click one of the below links to listen to the full episode:

RENEW by RentSpree aims to help change the lack of women in leadership roles within real estate and foster a community that elevates female voices.


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