The RENEW Podcast: Always Step Up with Teresa King Kinney and Liz Sturrock of the Miami Association of REALTORS®

April 17, 2023

2 min read


In the inaugural episode of The RENEW Podcast, Lauren Martin, Sales Director at RentSpree and founder of RENEW, discussed leadership journeys and insights into how future female leaders can carve their own paths with Teresa King Kinney, CEO of the Miami Association of REALTORS®, and Liz Sturrock, Chief of MLS and Innovation of the Miami Association of REALTORS®. 

The podcast touched on personal experiences both ladies have had during their impressive career journeys and hands-on suggestions as well as highlighting how women are making strides in every aspect of the real estate industry, from brokerage and property management to development and construction, challenging the traditionally male-dominated space and paving the way for others to follow. 

Volunteering for opportunities is a primary key to her success. "Is there something I can help with? I'd raise my hand. Always step up." - Liz Sturrock

The conversation also touched on how women in leadership positions can serve as role models for young girls who are interested in pursuing a career in real estate, promoting gender diversity and inclusivity. 

The Miami Association of REALTORS® has been a trailblazer in hiring women leadership, and their success is attributed to their horizontal approach where employees regardless of title can share their opinions, leading to new ideas and opportunities for their members and market. 

"Whether it's one of our newest employees or one of our most senior executives, people are always coming up with new ideas for things that we can do. And we love that. That helps to distinguish us from many of the other associations, and that creates more opportunities for us, which means it creates more opportunities for our members and more opportunities for our market and for our brokers and their companies.” - Teresa King Kinney

Click one of the below links to listen to the full episode: 

RENEW by RentSpree aims to help change the lack of women in leadership roles within real estate and foster a community that elevates female voices.


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