5 Steps for Your Best Real Estate Listing Presentation [+ Template]

When you meet with a prospective client to discuss listing their home for sale, you need to provide the important information they need while convincing them that you are the right agent for the job. Our guide to a successful real estate listing presentation walks you through the information you should include and provides a handy checklist and template for your use in creating your own.

August 31, 2020

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When a real estate agent “interviews” with a potential client to represent them, the most successful agents come prepared with a real estate listing presentation. This is typically a PowerPoint or PDF deck that details your experience in the area, your brokerage’s recent successes, and how you plan to best represent their interests through your sales and marketing efforts. Here we outline our tips for creating your best real estate listing presentation, and you can also jump to the downloadable assets below:

  • Real Estate Listing Presentation Checklist
  • Real Estate Listing Presentation PDF
  • Real Estate Listing Presentation Template (PowerPoint)

5 Steps for a Successful Listing Presentation

Though we’ve included these points in our real estate listing presentation checklist and PDF below, it’s still helpful for agents to understand what types of information they should be including and emphasizing during their listing presentation.

1. Highlight Your Skills

Competition for real estate agents is steep, so if you’ve gotten as far with a prospect as a sit-down meeting, you need to make the most of it. Start your listing presentation by explaining why you specifically are uniquely suited to represent their interests. What about you and your experience differentiates you from your competitors, and will help the prospect remember you?

Use the first couple of slides to highlight your recent successes and case studies with past clients. You could showcase how quickly you were able to help a previous client sell their property or how you worked with them through a tricky situation and understood their unique needs. You can also use this time to include statistics and case studies from your brokerage, so the potential client understands that you have an experienced and successful team at your back.

2. Let the Prospect Talk

Once you’ve said your piece and made your initial pitch, it’s time to let your potential client talk about why they are looking to hire a real estate agent. Give them time to respond to what you’ve said and explain their expectations. While they’re talking, make sure you are making periodic eye contact and taking notes to show that you value what they are saying. You should also be prepared with clarifying questions to ask, such as:

  • What is your expected timeline to rent/sell?
  • What is your ideal listing price?
  • Are you looking to work with any particular types of renters/sellers, ie young couples, families, single professionals, fix and flippers, etc.?
  • Can you take me on a tour of the property so I can better assess its value and assets?
  • Are there any unique assets or problems about the property that I should know about?

3. Explain Your Marketing Strategies

Now that you’ve both had a chance to talk about your backgrounds, you can begin providing more specific examples of how you plan to market their property to their ideal buyer or renter. You should include screenshots of your various marketing channels with engagement metrics (if you have them) to demonstrate how this process works to connect with interested buyers. You can cover channels such as:

  • Social media posts, stories, and direct messages
  • Email drip campaigns and newsletters
  • Multiple listing services (MLS)
  • Direct marketing tactics such as prospecting postcards
  • Networking events and open houses
  • The types of photography and physical assets you have on hand

4. Go Through the Selling/Renting Process

At this point in the listing presentation, you should cover the general process and timeline that you will be following. Unless they are experienced real estate buyers and sellers, many prospects might not know exactly how this process works, and covering your projected timeline from the beginning can help manage client expectations. You can cover the basic steps including:

  1. Completing a comparative market analysis (CMA) to accurately determine listing price
  2. Listing the property and creating the marketing plan
  3. Preparing the home and conducting open house showings to interested buyers/renters
  4. Negotiating price with interested parties
  5. Setting up a certified home inspection (if applicable) and closing on the agreement

5. Use Data to Illustrate Your Pricing Recommendation

For the final section of your listing presentation, you should be prepared to talk about current market conditions and how this will affect your potential client. Come prepared with data visualizations so that you can confidently speak about how the market is trending and what the prospect can expect in terms of pricing. Use this data to give a ballpark estimate for how you would price their property, and see if this matches up to their expectations. From here, you can schedule the comparative market analysis for a few days later.

Based on your potential client’s expectations and what you’ve seen of the property, you can conduct more in-depth research to give them an accurate pricing recommendation. Not only does this second appointment give you time to more thoroughly research the property, but it also allows you to stay top-of-mind with the prospect as they wait to hear your estimate.

Real Estate Listing Presentation Checklist

Now that you understand the broad sections to include in your listing presentation, you can download the checklist below for a summary of these points.

mockup of a real estate listing presentation checklist

Real Estate Listing Presentation PDF

If you’ve got a last-minute listing presentation coming up or simply don’t feel like creating your own deck from scratch, feel free to download our PDF template below and customize it for your own needs.

listing presentation download button

Real Estate Listing Presentation Template (PowerPoint)

For your convenience, we’ve also included the template here as a PowerPoint file since this may be easier to quickly download and edit. You can check it out on Dropbox.

We hope these tips and customizable assets help you ace your next real estate listing presentation and win a valuable new client to your cause. For clients looking to fill their rental vacancies, you can always use our easy tenant screening and rental application services to find the perfect tenants.


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