6 real estate agent side hustles to earn extra income this summer

The summer months are one of the busiest times of the year for real estate agents, especially within the rental industry. With so many people on the move and with rental demand reaching its peak in July, here are several side hustles any real estate agent can pursue to earn just a little extra money this summer.

June 10, 2024

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As spring turns over to summer, it’s not just the weather that starts to heat up. Apartment searches across the United States steadily pick up until they max out in July, with many renters hoping to move well before the cold settles back in. 

With data showing 55% of Americans want to move in 2024, it’s no surprise summer is going to be yet another busy season for real estate agents. The combination of more people looking to move, a boon in new apartment construction, and a demand for short-term rentals, the real estate market is filled with income opportunities for any agent. We’ll dig into some of the most popular real estate agent side hustles and why now is the perfect time for agents to pursue one of these gigs to earn a little extra income. 

Everyone is on the move

There are a number of factors that contribute to summer being one of the busiest times of the year for people to move. 

College students, for example, often find themselves moving during the summer once school is let out and dormitories are closed until the following school year. In states where winters are snowy and can reach freezing temperatures, summer presents the ideal time to pack up and move homes. We can also point to the proliferation of remote work from anywhere and the uptick in global travel as contributing factors to the busy summer season. In 2022 alone, we saw an increase in demand for short-term rentals with the number of listings reaching over 1.2 million, a 20.5% increase compared to the previous year.

Knowing people are getting ready to move, agents can use this time to identify supplemental income opportunities that leverage their experience to capitalize on the busy season. In addition to the extra income potential, a real estate side hustle can help you: 

6 real estate side hustles for the busy season

In preparation for the summer months, here are six recommended side hustles for real estate agents anywhere to get started:

  1. Become a virtual assistant—If you’re a newer agent looking to build your work experience, consider working as a virtual assistant for other senior agents and REALTORs who need the extra help. As an assistant, you’ll be tasked with administrative responsibilities that range from scheduling appointments to generating leads to updating property listings. And because these positions are virtual, you can conduct the majority of these tasks from the comfort of your home, freeing up time otherwise spent on the road.

  2. Leverage your trade skills amongst friends and family—As travelers begin their summer planning, some of your family, friends, or friends of a friend may be interested in converting part or all of their home into a vacation rental. Consider offering your real estate expertise and connections to those in your inner circle to help them effectively market and lease their properties during the peak migration season of the year. This is also a great way to market your abilities via word-of-mouth to grow your clientele through people who already know you and can vouch for your services.

  3. Get your property management certification—If you’re looking for a side gig that provides more stability even after summer ends, consider obtaining your property management certification. As a property manager, you’ll be responsible for maintaining and ensuring the upkeep of a property, tasks that can also be handled remotely or with the help of a third-party. Additionally, because you already have your real estate license, you’ll also be able to list, market, and lease property and collect rent from your future tenants.

  4. Become a marketing consultant—Knowing how to market your listings and attract new leads is crucial for any real estate agent, and summer presents the perfect opportunity to put your skills to the test. Consider offering your marketing services to landlord clients who may be struggling to fill their short-term rental or aren’t sure where to find prospective tenants. With tools like RentSpree listing syndication, you can help landlords get maximum exposure for their listings in no time.

  5. Teach a real estate course—Following the pandemic, the top job-related search was “how to become a real estate agent” and 2021 saw a record number of real estate agents in the United States according to NAR. With more and more people expressing interest in a real estate career, this is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise and offer classes or coaching to newer agents. Consider listing digital courses on your website or offering coaching sessions to get started. 

  6. Conduct remote or virtual tours—As travel picks up, real estate agents who are technologically savvy may want to consider creating remote or virtual tours of in-demand properties. Airdna research reveals more and more travelers are asking for virtual tours before they book their summer vacation home so they can book with confidence. For agents, consider offering this service to your landlord client or others in your network to help them boost their property’s appeal and increase the chance of booking. Building upon virtual tours, agents can also offer virtual staging and customized floor plan services to help landlords or property managers stand out from their competition. 

Don’t sleep on the summer rental market

While we all wait to see how the for-sale market unfolds for the rest of the year, there are numerous opportunities within the rental market that agents can take advantage of now. Especially with warmer months ahead and vacation plans taking shape, summer is filled with extra earnings potential and the chance to further grow one’s real estate brand. The real estate agent side hustle opportunities are boundless, regardless if you’re working with short-term rentals, long-term housing, or a combination of both. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge and start growing your summer side hustle, look no further than RentSpree. With RentSpree, you can quickly fill vacancies with confidence, market your short term rental properties, and simplify property management tasks like rent collection all in one dashboard. Curious to learn more about how we can help you take advantage of the summer rental market? Reach out to schedule a demo with us today!


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