Expand Your Earning Potential with Rentals: Advice from California's Top Agents

January 20, 2021

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Webinar Recap

The latest C.A.R. Business Products webinar, “Expand Your Earning Potential with Rentals in 2021: Advice from California's Top Agents” was a huge success, with over 1,500 registrants! This panelist-style webinar focused on tips and tricks to utilize rentals to expand your income and build your real estate business. Attendees heard directly from four of California’s top agents: Inna Rubinchik, Niko Deleon, Michael Bardales, and Rochelle Maize. The panelists came from a variety of backgrounds, and each gave a unique and compelling perspective on how and why they continue to incorporate rentals into their business. The session was moderated by RentSpree CEO and cofounder Michael Lucarelli.Attendees were highly engaged and asked fantastic questions throughout the 60-minute session. If you were unable to attend or just want to refresh your memory, this article will recap the key points discussed during the webinar.

Build your Brand

Each panelist had a unique personality and brand persona: Inna Rubinchik, also known as @leasingagent415, focuses specifically on leasing and is the “Go-To” luxury leasing agent in San Francisco. Michael Bardales strives to help BIPOC and LGBTQ individuals own property and build businesses through real estate. Rochelle Maize utilizes her Finance and Wealth Management background to guide her clients as an investor, and her creativity and design skills assists them in developing and selling. Niko Deleon has found his niche in working with developers, property management companies, and other REALTORS® to create a unique partnership program.

Think Bigger Picture and Stay Top of Mind

What may seem like a small lease transaction could actually turn into something much more. A renter could eventually become a buyer, a landlord client may want to sell one day, or an investor may purchase more properties. Get to know your clients, add them to your contact list, and stay in touch. As Michael Bardales said, “plant the seed for when it's time for them to buy. Clients will remember you when they go to buy if you gave them great service. Everyone has a story, as a REALTOR®, try to understand their story and follow up, follow up, follow up!”Rochelle Maize keeps her clients returning by positioning herself as a resource for everything real estate. “Anytime that you can bring a value-add to your client, it helps them.”, she says. “They will become used to calling you for anything from a painter, a contractor, etc. You want to have an incredible resource list so that you can share value with your client at any time.”  As the “Top Leasing Agent in the 415 area code,” San Francisco’s Inna Rubinchik strictly works with leases. Because of this, she is able to “see a property through a tenant’s eyes.” Landlords continuously return to her to rent their luxury units because she knows what will rent and will not, and the steps needed to get a tenant in quickly and at the highest price. Niko Deleon encourages a fun, personal approach. He crafts creative email campaigns to stay in touch with clients, remembering special milestones and birthdays. You can even send a personal text message, he says, noting that sometimes clients are “so grateful that I remembered.” Niko finds that now more than ever, customer service is paramount.

Parting Advice from the Panel

Inna Rubinchik advises: “If business is slow, focus on marketing. Focus on learning new skills. Create new business for yourself.” Rochelle Maize had some words of encouragement: “Find your passion. Passion resonates within you. When you're meeting people, they can tell how passionate you are about what you do. If you can show other people how much you love what you do, everything else will fall into place.” Michael Bardales explains that many of his education has come through failures. “It probably didn't have to be that hard, especially being a person of color. If you feel left out in regards to that, or just want any help at all, reach out to me.” Niko Deleon offers: “If you are a newer agent looking for something to promote we can help you!”With any questions or to learn more about working efficiently with rentals, visit the C.A.R. domain of RentSpree. To see the list of Q&A and Panelist Contact information, click here. To rewatch the full webinar session, click here.


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