Open house sign In sheets [+ Templates]

Capturing information from the prospective buyers who attend your open house is essential, both for gathering feedback on the property and connecting with those looking for a buyer agent. Encourage attendees to provide thorough contact information with these open house sign-in sheet templates, then follow our strategies for effective outreach after the open house is over.

August 10, 2022

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Though the primary goal of open house showings is, of course, to sell or rent the property, the people you meet at these events are also an important source of new prospects. Because you already know that they are interested in buying or renting a new home, these types of contacts are much more valuable than people you’ll connect with through cold outreach.

In order to make the most of your opportunities, you’ll need to collect contact information with an open house sign in sheet. We’ve provided four open house sign in sheet templates for you to use below that accommodate both the traditional “paper and clipboard” sign in as well as forms that can be filled out on a tablet.

Paper Real Estate Open House Sign In Sheets

One of the easiest ways to collect contact information from attendees is to simply have a clipboard, paper, and pen waiting at the entrance of the home. Here are a couple of open house sign in sheet PDFs that you can download and use for your own purposes.

Paper Template 1: Basic

This template is best used for when you’re expecting a lot of guests as it covers just the basics, so it will be quick and easy for people to fill out.

mockup of basic open house sign in sheet

Paper Template 2: Detailed

This open house sign in sheet is more useful if you’re interested in connecting with customers that are farther along on their buying journey, vs customers that are just starting to look at new homes to get an idea for what they want. This template allows you to collect detailed information to get a more holistic picture of the potential new client.

mockup of detailed open house sign in sheet

Digital Open House Sign In Sheets

These days, many real estate agents opt for an open house sign in sheet on a digital tablet instead of a pen and paper. Deciphering the messy handwriting of guests is frustrating and time-consuming and utilizing a tablet avoids this issue, along with allowing for automatic integration with many CRM’s.

Digital Template 1: Basic

Again, the basic template is best for when you’re expecting a large number of guests, and also if you’re meeting with customers just beginning their buying journey. Another advantage of using a digital template is that you can more easily customize it with your company logo or headshot.

mockup of basic open house sign in sheet with space for logo

Digital Template 2: Detailed

When you want to gather more information about your guests, but also provide more information about yourself and your services, the detailed digital template is the ideal choice.

mockup of customizable open house sign in sheet

Following Up With Contacts From Open House Sign In Sheets

Now that you’ve gathered all of this contact information, what do you do with it?

  • Step 1: Add the Info to Your CRM - Most real estate agents use some type of tool or software to keep track of their outreach efforts. If you prefer using a paper open house sign in sheet, you’ll need to commit an hour or two to manually entering the names, phone numbers, and emails you were able to gather. Agents who use a tablet to gather this information can either copy and paste or automatically integrate it into their prospecting database.
  • Step 2: Follow Up the Next Day - Keep yourself top of mind for your potential new clients by following up with them the next day. Even if they’re not interested in moving forward with the property you showed, you can take this time to connect and see if they’d appreciate your services in their continuing search. Whether you follow up via phone call or email will vary person to person; keep in mind that older contacts often prefer phone calls while younger prospects may respond better to email.
  • Step 3: Follow Up Again - If you don’t hear back from the contact, you should follow up with them again a week later as they may have been busy or considering other options at the time. If they are still unresponsive after these two follow-ups, you can integrate their information into your usual outreach cadences, such as adding them to your email and postcard lists.

Tips From the Experts on Open House Sign In Sheets

Standing out from the competition is all about being creative. Take a look at what these real estate agents do to make their open house sign in sheets more successful:

Make Sure You’re Getting Valid Info

“...We aim for a minimal amount of information upon the initial interaction. We only ask for a name and phone number, and while the person is touring the property, we text saying thank you for the trust to give us your information; this ensures that that phone number is functional.”

- Brian Burds, Owner of The Brian Burds Home Selling Team at Century 21 Haggerty

Take Advantage of Technology

“My team and I use Open Home Pro at all of our open houses. It allows guests to sign in on our iPad so we don't have to decipher their handwriting to gather their contact information. Open house visitors love seeing and using the latest technology and we love the features that the program has. After each open house, it'll send visitors a professional follow up email containing our contact information, organize the leads and show us which visitors don't have an agent or have a home to sell, so we can focus our follow up efforts accordingly.”

- Matthew Martinez, Luxury and Investment Broker at Diamond Real Estate Group

Interrupt the Expected

“The key is in the wording. Asking them to endorse it. People like endorsing more than they like signing in. Signing in sounds too much like you are going to the doctor’s office or a waiting room. It is a pattern interrupt too. Giving you more of a chance to get what you want!”

- Chris Cuccihiara at Keller Williams Realty Central Coast

Demonstrate Your Genuine Interest

“I have found that in addition to keeping the sign-in sheet super simple to capture only the most essential information, sticking to a short script that lets guests know why you need their information helps… Guests are more likely to provide their information if they know it is the seller (and not an agent) who requested this info. It is also a good idea to indicate on the sheet that guests have the option to easily opt-out from the mailing list if they are uninterested. This is a great way to boost your credibility and to show guests that you are only really interested in assisting them in their home-buying journey.”

- Connie Heintz, President of DIYOffer

Provide Incentives

“RAFFLES: We have run many prized gift certificate raffles to anyone signing into our open houses. Inducing people to sign-in with accurate information is the key to an effective sign-in sheet and most prospects will not leave accurate information unless they are provided with an incentive.”

- Brian Ma, Broker at Flushing Real Estate Group LLC

Here is one more valuable tip of information from an experienced buyer’s point of view:

Authenticity is Always Best

“I'm happy to sign in and get on any realtor's email list. However there is one strategy I don't love: photocopying previous sign-in sheets so that you never present a blank one at an open house. There is one realtor who always does this, and he coincidentally copied a sign-in sheet that had my information on it. So any time I go to an open house hosted by that realtor, when I go to sign in, my name is already there. To me, that's tacky, and dishonest. I understand it's a strategy based in perceived success, but transparency and authenticity wins every time in my book.”

- Erica Wernick, Success Coach and attender of over 150 open houses over the past four years

Make the most of your open houses by ensuring that you’re collecting all of the valuable contact information that you can. And once you’ve found your clients that are ready to convert, RentSpree is there to make the tenant screening and rental application process as easy as can be. Check out our demo to learn more.


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