Effortlessly market your property with RentSpree Listing Syndication

Marketing a rental property listing and generating leads doesn't need to be time-consuming or a headache. With RentSpree listing syndication, agents and landlords can save time while maximizing exposure for their rental property listing.


May 2, 2024

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At RentSpree, we know how important it is to keep rental properties occupied and minimize the number of days an apartment sits vacant on the market. Agents need a solution that lets them easily publish a listing and all relevant details on platforms that give them the greatest audience reach. And landlords need a tool that is easy to learn, cost-effective, and gets them maximum exposure for their rental property. 

That’s why we’re proud to introduce the launch of RentSpree listing syndication, a powerful tool to help agents and landlords publish their property on RentSpree and automatically syndicate across other major rental marketplaces. Say goodbye to manually entering your rental property listing details on individual marketplaces and hello to faster, more streamlined ways to market and lease your property.

What is rental listing syndication?

Rental listing syndication is the process of sharing a single rental property listing to a website where it is then automatically published to high-traffic marketplaces like ApartmentGuide and Redfin®. With a real estate listing syndication service, agents and landlords can consolidate their marketing efforts while ensuring their listing gets maximum exposure. With a listing syndication service, landlords and agents can create one listing and share it to multiple sites with the click of a button. 

The benefits of RentSpree rental listing syndication

A rental listing syndication service provides agents and landlords with several benefits that can give them a leg up in the real estate landscape to ensure vacancies are filled in a timely manner. 

Easy to use—Listing agents and landlords can easily syndicate their listing information onto non-related, reputable real estate marketplaces from one intuitive platform. No more having to rewrite the same listing over and over or invest in complex marketing tactics; listing syndication handles all of that for you on RentSpree’s streamlined platform. All it takes is one click and RentSpree will automatically syndicate listings to four of the top 10 listing services by lead volume. 

No cost—It can be expensive to market a listing on multiple platforms. With RentSpree’s listing syndication, agents and landlords can advertise their property for free on high-traffic marketplaces like Rent.com and Redfin® simply by clicking publish. 

Streamline applications—We know time is money for agents and landlords, which is why RentSpree automatically sends leads an application link as soon as they express interest in a listing. Say goodbye to manually sharing application links as part of your day-to-day operations. With RentSpree listing syndication, we’ll send the application on your behalf and also deliver leads directly to your inbox for you to review. 

Save time—Eliminate hours of work usually spent entering your listing details on individual marketplaces and managing responses across multiple platforms. With listing syndication, agents and landlords simply publish one listing on RentSpree, and we’ll automatically push the listing details to several real estate marketplaces. Agents and landlords can review all their leads in one centralized RentSpree dashboard and sign qualified applicants faster. 

For the independent landlord, rental listing syndication services are a low-maintenance, intuitive, and cost-effective way to advertise a property. It also eliminates the hassle of having to learn new technology. Coupled with RentSpree’s other powerful tools like tenant screening and rent payment, RentSpree makes the entire leasing process from start to finish a breeze for landlords. 

Likewise, listing syndication is a powerful solution for listing agents who need a tool that gives them the speed and control they need to juggle multiple listings simultaneously. With RentSpree listing syndication, agents can get maximum exposure efficiently for their properties and manage all marketing efforts entirely on one platform. 

RentSpree listing syndication makes advertising listings simple, putting more time back in the agent’s and landlord’s day while helping them to fill vacancies quickly. Best of all, it’s free for listing agents and landlords to use! Simply publish a rental listing page with RentSpree today, then sit back and let us do the rest of the heavy lifting. 

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Listing syndication FAQs

What is listing syndication?

Listing syndication is the distribution of a property listing to multiple online, real estate marketplaces simultaneously. 

Can I list my rental property for free?

Yes, listing agents and landlords can list their rental property for free on RentSpree and syndicate listings to several top real estate marketplaces. 

Which internet listing services (ILS) do you syndicate to?

RentSpree automatically syndicates to four of the top 10 ILSs with one click: Redfin®, Rent., ApartmentGuide, and Rentals.com. 

How do I list my rental property on RentSpree?

After signing up for or logging into your RentSpree account, simply add your property to RentSpree and create a listing page with all the relevant details and photos. Once you publish your listing, RentSpree will automatically syndicate your listing for you. You can also manage your listing and turn off automatic syndication if needed from your listing management dashboard. 

How is RentSpree listing syndication different from other service providers?

Not only is RentSpree listing syndication simple and straightforward, we also automatically syndicate to four of the top 10 ILSs in one click and deliver prospective leads directly to your inbox. Additionally, you can manage all your marketing and screening activities from one centralized platform when you syndicate with RentSpree. 


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