The best rent reporting services

As renters, part of your financial obligation is to pay your rent on-time every month. But paying rent can also do more than keep your landlords happy; it can also help you build your credit score and strengthen your financial history. With a robust rent reporting service, renters can have their on-time payments submitted to one of the three major credit bureaus and go towards improving their credit score.

April 11, 2024

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Every month, a record number of people spend more than 30% of their income on rent. Yet rental payments are not automatically reported to credit bureaus and, by default, aren’t factored into renters’ credit reports. 

If you’re a renter, this is where using a rent reporting service can pay off. By ensuring your timely rent payments are reflected in your credit history, you can build a more comprehensive credit profile, potentially leading to improved credit scores and expanded financial opportunities like making it easier to qualify for future loans, mortgages, or another rental.

What is rent reporting? 

Think of rent reporting as a built-in reward system for paying your rent on time. Each time you make a monthly payment and have it reported to one, two, or all three credit bureaus, it gets factored into your overall credit score. Reporting your rent can help you build credit and, as your score strengthens, so do your chances of securing a great rental. 

For instance, a favorable credit score will give you the opportunity to explore more locations, various property types, and put you in a better position to negotiate lease terms. If you have plans to purchase a home in the near future, a strong credit score can make it easier to access loans and additional credit. And if you’re someone who has a low credit score—or no credit at all—rent reporting can also help you climb your way up to a score that will improve your financial credibility. 

While a credit score can take time to build and maintain, practicing responsible credit behavior and reporting your rent can set you on the right path to achieving your financial goals. 

How to report rent to credit bureaus

There are two ways you can have your rent reported to one of the three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, Experian

1. Your property manager or landlord can report them for you

If you would like landlords or property managers to report rent for you, they’ll need to sign up for a rent reporting service. However, some may choose not to because of the associated fees that come along with it. If your landlord or property manager isn’t already using a service, consider asking them to look into a provider and explain to them how it can be mutually beneficial. Data shows rent reporting reduces the likelihood of late rent payments because it encourages renters to pay consistently and on time. You can also reassure them that they’ll be more likely to find high-quality tenants and simultaneously have few administrative tasks to worry about. 

2. You can report payments yourself by using a rent reporting service

If your property manager or landlord prefers not to report rent payments, you can sign up for a rent reporting service yourself. But, just like your landlord, you may be required to pay a fee. Many services charge a one-time fee for starting the service which can cost you up to $100, and then you will be charged a monthly fee on top of that. Despite these associated charges, investing in a rent reporting service can be worthwhile especially if you need assistance building or strengthening your credit score. 

The best rent reporting services for 2024

As with any choice that impacts your finances, be sure to weigh your options including the advantages and disadvantages of each, when choosing which rent reporting service to use. Here are some of the top rent reporting services worth considering:

RentSpree Credit Builder

RentSpree's FREE Credit Builder not only transforms a routine expense into a valuable credit-building tool but also makes it easy for you to report your rent payments directly to TransUnion. Simply invite your landlord to RentSpree and activate Credit Builder when you submit your first rent payment. 

Reports to: TransUnion

Cost and fees:

  • Free


  • Simple set up
  • Only reports positive, on-time payments to credit bureaus
  • Good for renters with little to no credit history or those with a low credit score
  • Opt out at any time 


  • Only reports to TransUnion
  • It can take 2-8 weeks for payments to appear on your credit report
  • Like other credit reporting services, RentSpree cannot guarantee your credit score will increase overall 


If you’re looking for an affordable rent reporting service, Boom is a great option. Plus, Boom claims their customers have seen their credit score increase by over 105 points, with an average increase of over 28 points in just 2 weeks. And for a small fee, you can split your payments into installments. 

Reports to: TransUnion, Equifax, Experian

Cost and fees:

  • $24 annually: Report your ongoing rental payments when you subscribe for a year.
  • $10: One-time enrollment fee
  • $25: Report past payments (up to 24 months)


  • No landlord involvement necessary
  • Report up to 24 months of past payments
  • Works with multiple types of rent payments including ACH, mobile payment services, and more
  • Enrolling never requires any credit pull that could negatively impact your credit
  • Continuous reporting even when you move
  • BoomSplit 


  • Mobile app-only
  • Retroactive rent reporting only applies to current lease
  • Doesn’t offer a discount for additional renters on your lease
  • No way to report utility bill payments or any other regular subscription payments


Self is another option that reports to all three credit bureaus and provides renters with flexibility and additional features. Unlike most credit unions, Self is available online and via a mobile app. 

Reports to: TransUnion, Equifax, Experian

Cost and fees:

  • Free with signup
  • $6.95 per month to add utility and cell phone payments


  • Payments reported to credit bureaus in up to 72 hours
  • Credit score monitoring
  • $1M identity theft insurance
  • Utility and cell phone payments included
  • Doesn’t require landlord’s approval
  • Add up to two years of past payments
  • Get credit for up to 5 payments each month
  • No hard pull on your credit


  • Long customer support wait times
  • Cell phone and utility payments only reported to TransUnion
  • Spouses and roommates need their own account and subscription

Rental Kharma 

If you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to a rent reporting service, consider RentalKharma which offers a 90-day trial window. RentalKharma also has a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot across 1,100 reviews.

Reports to: Equifax, TransUnion

Cost and fees:

  • $50 one-time setup fee, which includes all past rental history at your current rental address
  • $8.95 per month for ongoing reporting to keep your account open and current


  • Reports all past payment history on current rental
  • Doesn’t require you to connect a bank account
  • $25 one-time fee to add a spouse or roommate and $5 monthly fee
  • 90-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • Offers free, expedited service


  • Doesn’t report to Experian
  • Doesn't report utilities and other payments
  • Includes a brief call with the landlord to confirm
  • High signup fee


RentReporters has helped over 40,000 renters achieve their goals and comes with a money back guarantee. They claim customers who add their rent to their credit file will see an average increase of 40 points in 10 days, and signing up only takes a few minutes. 

Reports to: Equifax, TransUnion

Cost and fees:

  • $94.95 setup fee
  • $9.95 per month after that (or pay an annual fee at one time, which equates to $7.95 per month)


  • Roommates and spouses get a $50 discount on signup fee
  • Guaranteed full refund within 7 days of updated credit score
  • Reports up to 24 months of rent payments 
  • Offers a free service called RentCheck that links with your bank account 
  • VIP service that allows you to get your past 24 months of rent reported within three to five days


  • Requires landlord involvement
  • Doesn’t report to Experian
  • Expensive signup fee
  • Need your landlord’s help to verify your payment history

How to choose the best rent reporting service

When selecting a rent reporting service, it's crucial to conduct thorough research. Look for  services with positive reviews and a strong reputation, as these often indicate transparent operations and user-friendly policies. To maximize the impact on your credit profile, prioritize services that report payments to at least one of the three major credit bureaus.

You’ll also want to factor cost and security into your decision. Is the potential increase to your credit score worth the one-time or monthly fee associated with these services? Additionally, what security protocols and data handling practices are in place to safeguard your personal and financial information?

Lastly, look for services that offer responsive and helpful customer support which can be crucial for addressing any concerns or issues that come up during the reporting process. Choose a service that offers prompt and efficient reporting to guarantee that your credit report is updated accurately and in a timely manner.

When reviewing the terms of service, pay attention to specific requirements, policies, and cancellation terms and explore additional services or benefits, such as multiple rent installments, utility bill inclusion, or credit education resources. Ultimately, the rent reporting service you choose will depend on which one is best suited for your unique, personal needs. 

Deciding if rent reporting is worth it

If you consistently make on-time rent payments, reporting your rent payments can be an opportunity to get credit for being financially responsible. Likewise, if you have a low credit score or no credit history, reporting both ongoing and past payments can set you on the right path. On the other hand, if you’re not sure that you can make rent payments on time, it might be best to hold off until you’re more financially stable. 

If you’re ready to start reporting your rent, RentSpree’s Credit Builder is here for you. When you opt-in to our Credit Builder, not only can you pay your rent with ease, but you’ll boost your credit score in no time. Get started now.


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