Credit Builder

Pay rent on time, improve your credit score

Boost your credit score just by paying your rent on time! When you opt-in to our Credit Builder, RentSpree will make sure your on-time rent payments get reported to TransUnion. Paying your rent is more than a duty—it's a stepping stone towards a better credit score that rewards your responsible financial habits!

Let your rent payment work for you

Raise your credit score

Build credit history simply by paying rent on time. Leave the rest to us - RentSpree ensures all your on-time rent payments are reported to TransUnion.

Build your rent history

Don't let your timely rent payments go unnoticed. RentSpree helps maintain your payment records, showcasing your reliability to future landlords.

Unlock new financial opportunities

Whether it's applying for a loan, purchasing a car, or buying a house, RentSpree helps you pave the way for your financial goals.

How to use our Credit Builder

Invite your landlord

Simply input your landlord's email and your details. Your landlord will then arrange for online rent payments, and you'll be able to securely link your bank account.

Set up payment & enable Credit Builder

While setting up your recurring rent payment, you'll have the option to select our Credit Builder feature. The best part? It's absolutely free for you!

Pay your rent on time

Once you activate Credit Builder, simply pay your rent on time and RentSpree will automatically report your payments to TransUnion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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Why should I report my rent payments to credit bureaus?
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Is the Credit Builder feature offered by RentSpree free of charge?