Rental Client Manager

A client management tool built for rental agents to organize contacts and nurture long-lasting relationships

Easily store your client's information in one place, and stay on top of important milestones in their rental journey with RentSpree's Rental Client Manager.

How to get started with Rental Client Manager?

Import from an existing spreadsheet

No more updating in Excel. Upload your contact data instantly into RentSpree. Here's a template and instructions on uploading multiple contacts at once.

Sync your client data directly from RentSpree

All your tenant's data will be automatically added to your rental client management dashboard. No additional imports required.

Create new contacts

Create new contacts manually in a few easy steps by providing their basic information and what type of client they are.

Start powering your rentals today

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What if I already have contact data in RentSpree?
Does this sync with my current email client provider, such as Gmail?
Do I need to pay extra to use the Rental Client Manager?
If I already have a database of contact information, how can I import this into RentSpree?