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Free Online Rental Applications for Agents & Landlords

Save time, reduce liability, and receive all of the renter information you need the first time around.

No Missing Data

No Missing Data

Rental applications can only be sent once fully complete. No more hunting down missing information and documents.

Ultra Convenient

Ultra Convenient

Email, text, or feature your custom ApplyLink™ on handouts to make applying fast and convenient for interested renters.

Automatic Screening

Automatic Screening

Before submitting, applicants authorize a thorough tenant screening that you’ll receive without lifting a finger.

RentSpree Online Rental Applications Benefits

Send More Applications

It's easy to share your ApplyLink™ via text, email or printed flyer to best suit your renter's needs. This makes it a perfect solution for busy agents.

Review Applications from Anywhere

Now you can view easy-to-read, mobile-friendly applications from anywhere. You don't have to be tied down to an office or computer to find the best tenants.

Application and Screening

RentSpree automatically prompts applicants to approve and pay for a tenant screening. You'll receive all of the details you need to make an informed decision without any extra effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With RentSpree, we understand that knowing is half of the battle. That's why we strive to provide as much information as we can on our standard rental application form.

A completed rental application will include information such as:

  • Name, email, phone number, and move-in date.
  • Residence history, including current and previous address information.
  • Employment history, including current and previous employers along with supervisor information.
  • Includes options for retired applicant.
  • Extra income sources if outside of their normal employment.
  • References, including closest living relative.
  • Car and pet information.

To see a completed application, click here.

While there is no e-signature, the applicant does have to authorize that the information is valid.

Term: By clicking the submit button, the applicant authorizes that the information provided is true and correct and authorizes verification of the information provided. 

It is possible to only request the rental application. When you arrive at the step where you could select tenant screening reports, make sure the only box checked is the Online Rental Application.
We do have an Auto-Reference Check feature that is available with our RentSpree PRO feature. With RentSpree PRO, you can request that we check with all references included on the standard rental application.

This includes:

  • Current and previous employer (if applicable).
  • Current and previous landlord (if applicable).
  • Personal reference.
  • Professional reference.

We will send off an email and/or text message to the email and phone number of the reference listed. They will be provided with the information the applicant entered on the rental application and asked to either verify or refute the details that the applicant provided. If they refute the details, they are asked to provide their reasons.

Try a different browser

Sometimes, applicants may encounter issues in completing their rental application. While there are a number of reasons that could cause this, the most common are compatibility issues with web browsers. The best course of action would be to try a new browser. The three most common ones are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. If using one of these, try switching to a different one. Since the most common issues occur with Internet Explorer, it would be ideal to try using Firefox or Chrome first. Please be advised that the information previously entered on the rental application is saved, just log in and it will resume from where the applicant left off.

Try a different device

There are times when using a different browser isn't enough to fix the issue. When this is the case, the next step is to try a new device. Whether it's a different phone, computer, or tablet, using a different device can often solve the issue. If using a phone, try using a computer or tablet. On a computer? Try a phone or different computer if one is available. Just log in to the account and try continuing the process from there. 

If neither of these options work, please reach out to us at (323) 515-7757 or [email protected]


How Our Applications Work

  1. Invite interested renters to apply

    Email or text ApplyLink™ to prospective renters and sit back and relax. RentSpree will take applicants through the entire application process step-by-step. The application won’t send until all required information is provided by the applicant.

  2. Authorized screening reports

    After completing the online rental application, applicants authorize a screening report to be pulled and shared with you. You get all of the information you need efficiently from TransUnion.

  3. View, save or print

    You'll receive an email when everything is complete. You can access each and every applicant's reports in seconds — allowing you to quickly determine the best renter for the property

Learn More About Rental Applications

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