The key benefits of online rent payment

Here's why you'll love collecting rent through RentSpree

No Cost to You

No cost to you

It's completely free for you to use. Tenants pay $3 per transaction (ACH).

Streamline your process

Streamline your process

All rent payments are deposited automatically into your bank account within 7 business days.

Set it and forget it

Set it and forget it

Set your schedule and sit back as payments come in. We'll make sure to remind tenants when rent is due.


How Rent Payment Works

  1. Select a property to start collecting rent

    Once you've agreed to the terms of service, you can select which property to set up rent payment for.

  2. Set up payment details

    After entering the contact info and payment details for the tenant you are inviting to pay rent, securely link your bank account that you wish to receive rent payments.

  3. Confirm and invite and your tenants

    Once you've verified your information, your tenant will be invited and can easily begin paying their rent online!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After creating an account with RentSpree, landlords can easily set up either a one time or recurring rent collection from their RentSpree dashboard. If you are a renter that is interested in using RentSpree’s rent payment platform, you can recommend us to your landlord and once they create an account on our site, they will be able to send you an invitation to set up your RentSpree account to pay rent.

Yes. All rent payments will be processed through Stripe, a PCI Service Level Provider 1, which is the highest grade of payment processing security. Stripe will also require identity verification in order to prevent fraudulent activity on our site. Lastly, RentSpree utilizes SSL (128 bit encryption through Secure Socket Layers) for communication between our servers and user devices.

There is a $3 processing fee for all rent payments that is paid by the renter for convenience and to ensure the security of a transaction.

Typically, it takes up to 7 business days for a rent payment to be processed, although in some cases it could take longer. The landlord and renter will be notified on 2 occasions: Once, when the renter initiates payment and finally once the payment has been processed by the landlord’s bank.

Currently, renters can transfer payments directly from their checking account to the landlord's desired bank account via ACH. Credit and debit card payments are coming soon!

Here's how it works

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