Use a standardized system that handles the entire tenant screening process.
RentSpree makes screening quick & painless.


Save time

Any manager or leasing rep can sign up and start screening in minutes. Reports are available instantly 24/7 and there is no site inspection or setup fee required.


Reduce Liability

Protect yourself and your clients by limiting the personal information you handle. RentSpree prevents you from needlessly handling sensitive information.


Exhaustive Reports

Access industry-leading tenant screening reports and an online rental application within minutes. No expensive or time-consuming software required.

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What’s Included?


RentSpree sets up an online rental application page for each unit/property you manage. With it, applicants will fill in all information you need to administer the vetting process. RentSpree requires that all rental applications are filled out completely before submission and our application includes all standard application information.


RentSpree's industry-leading credit report is generated using TransUnion data. While is it extremely thorough, it is also easy to interpret. It includes applicant trade lines, payment history, address/employment history, collections, inquiries, and more! RentSpree's credit report provides a thorough financial history for each applicant.


A credit score is a fantastic way to assess an applicant's ability to pay rent on time. RentSpree's credit score comes from TransUnion along with an unmatched pedigree. It uses a range of roughly 350-850, making it simple for you to determine whether or not an applicant will be able to meet the financial requirements of renting the unit.


Don't get left in the dark without a background check for an applicant. Our background check surveys more than 240 million records to find any pertinent information about applicants. It also searches the most wanted databases and national sex offender registry so you can be sure you're getting the full picture.


Previous behavior doens't always predict future outcomes, but you still might want to know if applicants have been previously evicted. RentSpree's eviction history report searches public records from all 50 states (plus Washington D.C.) to see if an applicant has previously been through an eviction.

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