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RentSpree provides you with professional-grade reports without the need for any expensive management software. No site-inspection required!


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Access tenant screening reports and rental applications at no cost to you. Applicants pay a screening fee directly on our site to apply to your properties.


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What’s Included?


RentSpree sets up an online rental application for each property you have. Applicants fill in all necessary information required for you to make a decision. RentSpree's application collects the typical information found on most rental applications and all crucial fields must be filled out before an applicant submits.


Accessing a credit report is absolutely necessary to properly vet a rental applicant. RentSpree makes it easy to access a full credit report. RentSpree's credit report uses data from TransUnion and includes payment history, bankruptcies, collections, address & employment history, and more!


Glancing at a credit score provides a crucial look into an applicant's ability to meet the financial requirements of renting your property. RentSpree's credit score comes from TransUnion and has a range of about 350-850. It uses a proprietary formula to predict whether or not an applicant will be a good tenant.


If knowledge is power, then you may want to access RentSpree's criminal background check when evaluating applicants. The check searches 240,000,000+ records to find any records associated with applicants. It also searches the most wanted lists and national sex offender registry so you get a 360 degree picture of each applicant.


You may not want to rent to an applicant who has a recent eviction on his or her record. The best way to know is to run RentSpree's 50-state eviction history report for each applicant. We search court records nationwide to give you the best information available to make a decision. When trying to predict the likelihood of a bad rental outcome, this is a vital tool.

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