The RentSpree Difference

RentSpree provides the features required for real estate agents to efficiently close leases online.
Your members can gather screening reports instantly. No more paperwork.


Beyond Tenant Screening

We aren't just a tenant screening tool. We automate the entire lease application process for agents with a rental application, instant screening reports, report sharing, income verification, e-signatures, and much more!


Easy Implementation

RentSpree integrates with any MLS using a single API and can be completed in a matter of days. We support every step of the project from mock-ups to testing - all to eliminate the burden on your team.


A Standard Process

We successfully deployed with the two largest MLSs in the nation and 3 of the top 5 state REALTOR® associations. Join us to offer a fully compliant and secure process for agents.

A small integration with a huge impact

With one minor tweak to your MLS, you can encourage real estate agents to work with rentals more than ever before. Our integration is extremely simple and requires only one API call, meaning the integration can be completed in a matter of days instead of months. RentSpree already partners with more than 50 MLSs, REALTOR® associations, brokerages, and real estate platforms. See why our rental MLS integration is a must-have tool for real estate agents.

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How RentSpree works

  1. Agents opt in for online screening

    Agents can enable an online screening process while they are adding or editing any lease-type listing in the MLS.

  2. Agents receive ApplyLink™

    Agents are emailed ApplyLink™ and an “Apply Now” button can optionally be added on consumer-facing portals.

  3. Renters Apply

    Renters who receive a link can apply in minutes and the agent receives results instantaneously

Free Tenant Application and Credit Report with RentSpree

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