Our Electronic Signature Feature is Easy and Customizable

Upload your rental documents

Upload Your Rental Documents

Upload all required signed documents into RentSpree using a variety of formats. We support PDF, PNG, JPG, and JPEG for all your documents.

Customize standard fields

Customize Where you Need Recipients to Take Action

Use our drag-and-drop feature to assign the fields where recipients need to take action. You can include standard fields such as text, checkboxes, initials, digital signatures, and date signed.

Track Progress of Rental Documents

Track the Progress of All Rental Documents

Within the RentSpree dashboard, you can track the status of rental documents, modify existing documents, and resend documents to potential renters that need an electronic signature.

How to Provide an Electronic Signature

Here's how RentSpree handles document signatures.

Access documents to review and sign

Tenants will receive an email that notifies them that documents are ready to sign. This will allow them to open the document and use the boxes for electronic signature.

Easy-to-use interface

Once the documents have been opened, tenants can easily navigate the lease agreements and provide their digital signatures and e-delivery consent.

Easily resend documents and track completions

If a tenant did not receive an email notification, a new email can be easily re-sent and the electronic signature progress can be tracked in the RentSpree dashboard.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Once you add in the transaction for a property address, you have the ability to select the option for e-Sign document. You can upload a document that you would like to have electronically signed by the recipient. Click here for step by step instructions.

Creating an electronic signature option is an effective way to save time, enhance the security and reduce the cost associated with completing any real estate transaction.

An electronic signature can be more secure than a handwritten signature delivered by a publication since the person has been authenticated by a trusted third party.

Real estate transactions require many different signature elements including full signatures, initials, dates, and fillable text elements. Since electronic signatures can be customized to accommodate these different elements, they are especially useful for real estate transactions.

Yes there is a very real difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature. An electronic signature represents a broad class of methods for signing a document. Whereas a digital signature refers to security protocols associated with an entire document and verification of not only the document but any modifications associated with that document.

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