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See what agent/owners have to say about RentSpree’s complete online screening package,
which includes access to a full TransUnion credit report, criminal background check, and eviction record.

Eric Bell
John Aaroe Group

"Received a call from one of the owners of the company. He immediately walked me through how to complete the set-up of my account. This is customer service at its best!"

Denise Kees
Kees’ Realty

"Rather than be inundated with applications, RentSpree offers an easier way to keep track of tenants who are serious about renting. I am now able to deal with 4 times as many applicants than I would have the old way."

Malka Winshmann
Keller Williams

"RentSpree is my right hand. I have been using RentSpree since the day I discovered it and I love it. RentSpree is safe and easy to use, and my clients love it."

Applicants love RentSpree.

RentSpree saves applicants time by allowing them to authorize tenant screening using any
internet-enabled device. No more scanning, faxing, or waiting.

Peter R.

"I went through a number of apartment rentals with my 2 older daughters in New York City. Most unpleasant! RentSpree was quick and painless."

Kathleen C.

"RentSpree was over the top helpful for me today. I was treated so well, even when I ran into some problems. RentSpree was excellent in their help to me."