Streamline the tenant screening and rental application process. Turn days into
minutes using RentSpree's standardized process.


Save Time

Take just two minutes to sign up and start screening your first tenant. You can access reports instantly after an applicant submits, and the service is available 24/7.


Reduce Liability

Protect yourself and your clients by minimizing handling of personal information. Let RentSpree collect all the information needed so you don't have to.


Please Clients

Recieve comprehensive reports back for each applicant. Become a hero for your clients by providing a complete, legible, and professional application package.

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What’s Included?


RentSpree can collect an online rental application for each applicant who applies. Our application includes all standard information needed to make a decision. Better yet, applicants cannot submit until all required fields are filled out so you won't waste time going back and forth.


A credit report is crucial for predicting tenant screening outcomes and RentSpree's report uses data directly from TransUnion. Each RentSpree credit report, while easy to read, is fully detailed with payment history, trade lines, address & employment history, collections, and much more!


Looking at a rental applicant's credit score is a great indicator for his or her ability to pay the rent on-time. RentSpree provides a credit score from TransUnion so there is no confusion about an applicant's qualifications. Using a range of about 350-850, the score provides a glimpse into the applicant's financial history.


With RentSpree's criminal background check, you won't be in the dark about an applicant's history. The report searches over 200 million records, including many extra databases such as the most wanted list and the national sex offender registry.


Applicants with a history of previous evictions may repeat the same mistakes for their next rental property. Knowing is half the battle, so RentSpree can provide an eviction history report for each applicant who applies to you. Court records are searched so you can see all available information.

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