Introducing RentSpree's newest look and feel

The RentSpree team is proud to share the launch of our website redesign featuring an updated logo, refined font system, and a cleaner, simpler navigation bar to improve the experience for all of our users.

April 25, 2024

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At RentSpree, our mission to simplify home renting and create lasting connections guides everything we do as a company. Ensuring our customers’ success is our number one priority and it’s why we continually strive for better. 

With this in mind, we’re thrilled to share RentSpree’s website design refresh. Over the past year, we’ve been working behind the scenes to modernize and simplify our appearance while also improving our users’ experience. This redesign is available all across the RentSpree website, with a separate design refresh coming soon to the RentSpree product experience. 

Highlights of this website redesign include: an updated logo, refined font system, consistent colors and layouts, as well as a cleaner, simpler navigation bar. By adopting a modular system, our hope is to more easily scale new updates across the RentSpree site and, eventually, into our product experience. 

Let’s dig into what’s new. 

Why are we updating the RentSpree website?

Since RentSpree’s founding eight years ago, we’ve achieved a number of milestones that demonstrate our growth as a company into becoming an industry leader. As we look ahead to the future with the goal of positioning ourselves for an IPO, we knew now was the right time to refresh RentSpree’s appearance. 

“The RentSpree redesign encompassed a complete overhaul, focusing on modernizing the logo to retain brand equity while simplifying its appearance,” says Mark Koepsell, Principal Product Designer who led the development of RentSpree’s new visual design language. “Our aim was to create a modular, scalable system that enables content flexibility and component reusability. This is crucial as we position ourselves for an IPO, requiring a serious and cohesive design approach.” 

Pan Chalisajeepak, Visual Design Lead at RentSpree, adds: “Today, RentSpree aims to be a place where agents, landlords, and renters are [always] at ease in every step of their rental journey. This is why the design updates are essential and is more than just [introducing] a new visual language. The updates are in every brand touchpoints like tone of voice and the product experience.”

What can users expect from this redesign?

The most immediate change users will notice is our redesigned website looks very different from previous iterations.

“We’ve updated the look and feel of the [website] design to match our new branding,” says Bianca Batista, Senior Business Operations Coordinator and project coordinator for the redesign project. “This ensures consistency across all our pages and provides a fresh, modern experience for our users.”

Koepsell highlights some notable changes that come with the redesign. “We introduced a modular system that ensures content is organized consistently yet remains visually engaging. Key updates include refining our font system, type scale, colors, layout, and spacing to enhance the visual impact through high contrast.” 

Streamlined navigation

One of the first areas we tackled as part of the redesign was to simplify the navigation bar, making it easier for agents, landlords, and renters to find the information they need quickly. To achieve this, we consolidated our “Products” tab to seven items instead of 11 and streamlined the user groups under the “Who we serve” tab. 

The RentSpree team also prioritized design choices that spotlight the information users are looking for while minimizing unnecessary distractions. 

“We prioritized whitespace to enhance visual hierarchy and contrast, allowing the content itself to be the focal point,” says Koepsell. “Our illustrations use a restrained color palette to complement rather than overshadow the surrounding content.” 

Refreshed blog designs

Another page that received a major transformation is the RentSpree blog. We recategorized and retagged all 300+ articles in our library to simplify user search and applied our updated visual guidelines to our blog art. We condensed our primary categories from double digits to just six and made it easy for new visitors to quickly subscribe to the RentSpree newsletter. 

Blog categories shows six tags following the search bar functionality

While RentSpree may be getting a brand new look and feel, the product our customers know and love will be staying the same. Rather, we’re incorporating new visual elements and designs to make RentSpree even easier for our customers to explore our blog and find the information they need in minutes. 

Propelling RentSpree into a new era

The launch of RentSpree’s new design is just the beginning of what’s to come on our journey of solidifying ourselves as an industry leader. That being said, we’re taking a moment to celebrate all that we’ve achieved to date and look back on how far we’ve come. 

“I really enjoy the clean and modern aesthetic of the new design,” says Batista reflecting on the redesign project. “I hope that the presented information is clear and easy to understand for both new and existing users.”

When asked what she’s most proud of, Chalisajeepak points to the collaboration amongst teams. “What I’m most proud of is collaborating with the team to establish the visual language structure that enables us to break sameness [in designs] and gives us the freedom to scale and adapt based on the brand narrative.”

Koepsell points to the guiding principles that were established during this redesign as one of his highlights. “I take pride in all aspects of the redesign. However, I am particularly proud of our new color and button usage guidelines. For instance, our ‘Judicious Blue’ is now specifically used for primary actions directly linked to revenue, ensuring these critical elements stand out effectively. Implementing these guidelines and seeing them in action across our platforms has been incredibly rewarding.” 

As we continue to roll out new design and feature improvements across the entire RentSpree ecosystem, we’re confident these updates will only further enhance the experience for new and existing users alike. We’re also always open to feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on our redesign and what you’d like to see from the team next. We hope you love RentSpree’s refreshed designs and experience as much as we do!

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