Renters Insurance

Help your tenants secure their belongings

When you invite tenants to purchase renters insurance, they get protection for their belongings and you get peace of mind.

Why verify Renters Insurance
with RentSpree?

Peace of mind for landlords

Avoid issues during the lease by inviting tenants to purchase renters insurance.

Enhanced tenant protection

Renters insurance protects tenants & their belongings. They can purchase coverage or submit proof of their policy in one step.

More quality tenants

Tenants who purchase renters insurance tend to take better care of their belongings and where they live.

How Renters Insurance works

Select a property

Choose which property to request the renters insurance for.

Send a request to your tenants

Tenants will be notified that they are required to obtain renters insurance. They can either upload proof of an active policy or purchase a new one conveniently through RentSpree.

Receive email notifications

You'll receive an email notification once your tenants have shared the proof of renters insurance with you. Their policy details can be reviewed on your RentSpree dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What type of insurance do rental properties need?
What kind of rental insurance does an investment property need?
Is renters insurance the same as landlord insurance?
What's the difference between rental property insurance and rent insurance?
Why should tenants have rent insurance?

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