Rent Payment

Hassle-free online rent collection

Provide your tenants the ability to pay rent online to create a more convenient option for your renters, and greater peace of mind for you.

Why collect rent online?

No cost to you

It's completely free for you to use. Tenants pay $3 per transaction (ACH).  

Happy tenants

The ability to pay rent online provides greater tenant satisfaction, which translates into more retention and more referrals for your business.

Set it and forget it

Set your schedule and sit back as payments come in. We'll make sure to remind tenants when rent is due.

How Rent Payment works

Select a property

Choose which property to set up rent payment for.

Set up payment details

After entering the contact info and payment details for the tenant, securely link your bank account to receive rent payments.

Confirm and invite and your tenants

Once you've verified your information, your tenant will be invited and can easily begin paying their rent online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I sign up for rent payment through RentSpree?
Is rent payment with RentSpree secure?
What is the processing fee?
How long does it take for a rent payment to be processed?
What payment methods do you accept?

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