[Neighborhood] Yorba Linda

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A small, suburban city in Orange County California, Yorba Linda is a beautiful patch of California that originated as Spanish colonial farmland, owned by a one Jose Yorba. Nowadays, it’s home to approximately sixty-four thousand people. Yorba Linda was actually where Richard Nixon grew up, and there is a federal library with his name in Yorba Linda to commemorate him, as well as a community center! If you don’t feel like going to the library, you could always go to one of the many beautiful Southern California beaches, which are a quick drive for the residents of Yorba Linda, as are a number of state and national parks and forests.

Thanks to the year-round moderate climate of Southern California, the parks and beaches are in full swing all year: Yorba Linda itself has an average temperature of sixty-three degrees Fahrenheit, and an average humidity of fifty-six percent. For some nature a little closer to home, residents living in Yorba Linda apartments and homes can visit the Jessamyn West Park on Yorba Linda Boulevard at Club Terrace Drive, named after Jessamyn West. Jessamyn West was a second cousin to Richard Nixon, and lived in Yorba Linda for some time, becoming an author, creating many poems and stories, one of which, The Friendly Persuasion, was adapted to film in 2003 (the park is located on what was once her family’s farmland).

Yorba Linda was originally an agricultural zone, and it remained as such for many decades after the United States acquired it. Richard Nixon was born there in 1913, just one year after the town acquired access to electricity, a post office, and a railroad station (which was mostly used to transport agricultural goods, namely citrus fruits). The small town grew drastically in the 1960s, and from 1980 to 1990 the town ballooned to more than fifty thousand people. However, expansion has drastically fallen, as its current citizens are firmly of the opinion that Yorba Linda remains the peaceful, pretty suburb it grew to be, its population steadying out more in recent times. Besides the former president of the United States of America, Yorba Linda boasts being the birthplace of more than a few notable people, including Marcus Mumford (from the band Mumford and Sons) Bobby Knoop (a major league baseball player) and John Force (drag car racing superstar and reality TV star), as well as two of John Force’s daughters (Ashley and Courtney Force).

Life in Yorba Linda is full of opportunity, but also serene and peaceful. In close proximity to a number of wonderful Californian attractions and destinations and surrounded by forests and parks, Yorba Linda is connected to the heart of Los Angeles, yet is free from the hustle and bustle that other parts of Southern California experience. In 2005, CNN ranked Yorba Linda number 21 on its list of top places to live in the United States of America, and has been recognized by Money magazine and CNN Money as one of the richest cities in the United States, and as the richest in Orange County. From scenic stretches of farmland to quaint, quiet suburb, Yorba Linda has had a long history of happy living.