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The Venice of America

Before it was annexed into Los Angeles, Venice was actually its own city, before which one of the owners won it off the others in a coin toss. Needless to say, Venice has had an undeniably eventful history: the land was initially a marsh, but after some clever canal work (hence the original name, “The Venice of America”), it became a waterfront resort and “pleasure pier.” After the fated coin toss, the now sole-owner Abbot Kinney began to expand it relentlessly, until it became a city of about ten thousand residents. Over time Venice has only become more beautiful and more populated, evening out at around sixty thousand residents and inspiring dozens of filmmakers to use the location as the settings to various works of cinematography and television shows, like the famous movie Californication, the quirky television show Wilfred, and even video game studios have turned their attention towards Venice (the most notable instance being the fifth installment in the iconic Grand Theft Auto videogame series). A lot has changed over the years and the city has undergone a lot modernization to keep up with the times, but one thing that has stayed the same about Venice is its network of canals that snake their way throughout the city.

Venice apartments overlook the waterfront of the famed Venice beach, and travel mostly via riverboat to get to-and-fro throughout the historic city. The more recent parts of the city have modern roadways and pedestrian-only walkways, but the heart of the city is still stitched together by its original canal system. Following the canals out to the water brings you, and the millions of visitors the city gets every year, to the world-famous Venice Beach, a year-round hub of activity and intrigue. From muscle-bound body builders on the beach to mysterious snake charmers on the boardwalk, Venice’s year-round warm temperatures lend themselves well to the constant sights and sounds of Venice Beach. However, although life at Venice beach may seem to be a surreal experience, it has all the accoutrements of a standard city.

Venice does more than just attend to the millions of tourists that flock to the city: it’s grown into a proper neighborhood in its own right, with a number of high-quality facilities at the disposal of those lucky people who call Venice their home. From the recreation centers and play areas, kids can run around and enjoy Venice just as much as any adult, and the city even has a branch of the Los Angeles Public Library in the city for the more indoors-inclined citizens. Venice is also home to a number of public and charter schools that range from kindergarten through high school, making the city amenable to both single individuals and families looking to set roots down. The city is also riddled with celebrity activity (for obvious reasons), and a good number of starlets call the neighborhood their home, including famous wrestler Hulk Hogan and renowned MMA fighter and actress Ronda Rousey. As long as it’s stood, Venice has had something for everybody.