University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)- Quick Fact Guide


UCLA is located in Westwood Village, Los Angeles. There are tons of shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants. The city is very well developed with public transportation.

If you are living in apartments near UCLA, for example, Westwood Village, you don't need a car. Campus and local shops and restaurants are within walking distance.

However, if you like taking adventures or you have internship in other places, a car is still good for you.


UCLA is a very big university. There are hundreds of student organizations, clubs and events. Additionally, the campus is well connected with fun cities such as Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and DTLA. You will never be bored if you like to go out and have fun.


Westwood Village is a well developed city, it is very safe around most part of the town. There are police guarding all the time around school and most residential area nearby.


Westwood Village is close to Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Central City, which all have all kinds of entertainments, authentic restaurant from all over the world.

It is also only 30 minutes from the Pacific Ocean, and sometimes you can even run into movie stars when you are hanging out.

You can go to the Staples Center to watch an exciting NBA game or go to the Dodger Stadium for a Dodger game.