University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) - Off Campus Housing FAQ

Question 1. How much does it cost to rent apartments near UCLA?

Answer: The cost of living varies based on the location and quality of life you're seeking. In general however, the rent can vary between $700 - $2,000.

Question 2. How can I get to school?

Answer: Even though public transportation is limited across Los Angeles, it is not too bad if you need to commute from Westwood Village and to UCLA. There are multiple lines of city buses and school shuttles riding around school, apartments near UCLA or grocery stores and restaurants nearby. However as we all know, if you want to go to somewhere else, the most convenient way is still driving by yourself, well Uber and Lyft is also another option to travel around the city.

Question 3. Among the cities recommended, which one is the most popular?

Answer: The most popular city for apartments near UCLA is definitely Westwood Village. It is within walking distance to school, it close to many shopping area, and easily accessible from the 405 and 10 freeways. Most UCLA students live in this area is because it is always easy to find roommate to share the apartment. Although it is a bit pricey comparing to other cities, you don’t need a car, and the cost could be balanced a bit from traveling.

Question 4. How can I find roommate to share apartment near UCLA?

Answer: You can always look for students subleasing their rooms. Another good news about the apartments near UCLA offered by RentSpree is that you don’t need to find your roommate, we will find it for you. Therefore, you are not responsible for the entire apartment, you are only responsible for your own lease. Even your roommates move out, the leasing office will fill someone in. We will make sure it is all same gender in one apartment and the person we put together have the best match.