University of California, Irvine (UCI) - Quick Fact Guide


Irvine is a methodically-developed city with a large number of people moving in every year. The city has an exceptional transportation system and has many amenities close by the apartments near UCI. For this reason, students don't always need a car to go to school. Biking and buses are viable options in Irvine. However if you want to go to places in Los Angeles or travel often, having a car is much more convenient.


Irvine is located in Orange County, California. It is to the south of Los Angeles and quite close to the ocean, so that the weather in Irvine is very pleasant all year long and the temperature is usually between 70 and 80 degrees.


Irvine has many new developed business including shopping centers, and residential communities. The city itself is very safe. However, we would like to say that you are always responsible for looking out for your own safety and avoiding unsafe activities.

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Have Fun

Irvine is a great place for young and old to live due to its modern style and diversity of restaurants. In addition, you can easily go to movie theaters, shopping centers, and other fun places. Also, Huntington Beach is less than 15 miles away from apartments near UCI making it easy to go to the beach enjoy some sun and spend a day relaxing and enjoying the beach.