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Top Things to Do in the Area

Tustin is full of interesting spots to visit and things to do! The Marconi Automotive Museum is a popular spot for both the casual tourist and the invested car enthusiast of all ages to visit. If museums aren’t your speed, you can visit the Tustin Ranch Golf Club, or one of the many bowling lanes in town to get yourself into a little bit of friendly competition with your family or your companions. For a more relaxing day, there are a number of spas to stay and recline in if you want to rejuvenate, and of course there are a number of unique restaurants and food attractions to visit while in Tustin. If you’re a history lover, there are also a number of historic landmarks to visit in and around the city.

Unique Facts

Dubbed by Forbes as one of the top twenty-five towns to work at in America in 2009, Tustin is famous for its short commutes and extremely high percentage of startups and sole proprietors per capita, Tustin has been on the rise in recent days and has been experiencing major economic growth and lots of corporate attention. Known as “The City of Trees,” Tustin has been steadily rising as a hub of business for some time now, and Tustin apartments have been filling up fast as businesses are born and people begin to flock to Tustin to work. However, Tustin has always been an interesting location, attracting new innovations for decades now. Tustin has many sites protected by the National Register of Historic Places, including one of the largest wooden structures ever built (dirigible hangars built by the U.S Air Force during WWII, although the land around the base has since been annexed into the city).

Life in Tustin

Tustin has a sizeable population for its size, clocking in at approximately seventy-five thousand people, making the city itself dense, but not uncomfortably so. The city itself isn’t so big, but given the amount of people and the energy present in the city, Tustin claims the feel of a big city without any of the logistical muss and fuss or public transit nightmares. The weather is fairly temperate, with average lows of forty-six degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and average highs of eighty-seven degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. With the well-known Tustin High School and the University of California, Irvine nearby, educational prospects are bright for the youngsters of Tustin, and the city’s many community centers and lush parks are enjoyed by the entire community.

Notable Natives and Residents

While not a particularly huge city, Tustin has had a large number of athletes rise through the ranks to success after displaying their potential at either Tustin High School or Foothill High School. The list is a long one, but some of the more well-known examples of Tustin’s proving grounds are Matt McCoy (NFL linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks), Chris Chester (NFL offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens), and professional boxer Alfonso Gomez.