How Does Transunion Smartmove Work?

March 23rd, 2020
How Does Transunion Smartmove Work?

As a landlord or property manager, it can be difficult to make an educated decision on how to find good tenants to rent your property. With Transunion Smartmove, you’ll have all of the necessary information on your prospective renter at the tap of a screen, thereby allowing you to decide who is the best match for your property. Transunion is one of the major credit bureaus along with Experian and Equifax, that provides financial information to landlords and property managers and is a trustworthy fact-finding resource for your rental ventures.

Smartmove allows you access to the same background information on tenants as big rental company chains to make a decision on who you want to lease to. The process is quick and straightforward for both the landlord and the tenant, and you’ll have access to all the easily digestible info via an app that you can refer to throughout the process.

How does Transunion Smartmove Work?

After you have gathered your completed applications, you need to filter the applicants by screening them according to your own criteria. Whether you choose to accept pets or impose other conditions on renters, always bear in mind the Fair Housing Act, then you can use your criteria as your first level of sorting. It is important to remember that when you get to the stage of tenant screening serious contenders to rent your property that you must apply the same standards across the board regardless of ethnicity, family status, or sexuality.

To set up the Transunion Smartmove screening process, all you have to do is supply the tenants' email address, and they are then sent the screening request, which they must accept to start the process. An in-depth report that gives the details of their credit report and criminal background is produced, and along with the other information is collated into the final report. You will also get a recommendation from Smartmove on what they consider the tenant score to be. If for whatever reason, the applicant declines the request, then their personal information will go no further, and their rental application will be canceled. The last step in the Smartmove process is for you to fully evaluate the report before the software notifies the renter of your decision.

A Streamlined Process

Transunion’s tenant screening is an excellent way of performing tenant evaluation without having to dig too deep into the records yourself. The renter is responsible for providing the information and driving the tenant screening. If they respond to the initial email quickly, then you could have the screening report in as little as 15 minutes, this is a fantastic way to gauge how keen the applicant is to engage with the process. If they’re super eager to be approved to rent your property, then they will complete their part quickly. If your applicant can't respond to an email in a timely way, it may give you an idea of how good they might be at communicating as a tenant.

What is Included in a SmartMove Report?

Criminal Background Check

You need to focus on finding tenants that you can trust, and getting a criminal background check on your prospective tenant is a must. Rentspree uses Transunion Smartmove to search over 200 million criminal records to give you a comprehensive view of your tenant's background. They mine data from courts and public records, as well as the National Sex Offender Registry and state and national records, to access the information that makes up the report.

Full Credit Report and Score

The credit report will give you the confidence that you have thoroughly investigated your tenants’ financial background and have evidence that the renter that you select will be able to afford the property. How the TransUnion SmartMove works for you is to give you online access to a detailed report, including their payment history, any credit lines, and significant monetary commitments they have. The report is fully data-based, and Transunion uses public records so that you can be confident that the information you get is entirely objective so you can build up a full picture of the applicant. Do keep in mind that if an applicant has committed any crimes in Colorado, Delaware, South Dakota, Wyoming, or Massachusetts, you won’t see the information on your report, because these states don’t allow instant access to criminal data.

Nationwide Eviction Report

Anyone in the property rental business knows that tenant eviction is a nightmare that you do not want to be faced with. The SmartMove report also provides a detailed eviction report, including any court records, judgments, and warrants of eviction, so that you can be confident that you have the knowledge to make the right decision. Here at Rentspree, we use TransUnion SmartMove as it gives a wealth of reliable information in the form of a report that is easy to interpret from a major reputable credit bureau that gives you a credit score rather than just a pass/fail.


Don't forget that although the online screening report has done the heavy lifting for you in terms of data, you will also need to make some additional checks. Don't skip checking your tenant’s references, and you should be getting in touch with the employment and personal references, to confirm the information on the report. You’re hoping to have an excellent ongoing relationship with your tenants, so start off on the right foot by opening channels of communication.


When you are evaluating tenant screening services, you need to ensure that you are getting reliable information in a time frame that works for you. You can match the information that your tenant gives you on the application form with independent data that gives you information on your tenants' background and financial history. Transunion Smartmove is a reliable screening service that will help you make a balanced decision on who you should rent your property to.