[Neighborhood] Studio City

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Top Things to Do in the Area

Studio City actually has one of the lowest population densities in the city, and it capitalizes on this by providing scenic parks and walkways to enjoy, like the Fryman Canyon Park and the Wilacre Park, as well as the Los Angeles River walk. Film and television buffs will be able to enjoy visiting iconic parts of the neighborhood that are important aspects of film and televisual history, like the house that served as the exterior to the Brady Bunch house set, or visiting the CBS Studio (which was the studio that gave the area its name).

Unique Facts

Studio City is a neighborhood with quite the characteristic history. The area now called Studio City was originally named “Laurelwood,” and it changed ownership many times since its founding until 1988, when the area lost all access to water, and it remained uninhabited for a decade and a half, until the Los Angeles Aqueduct reached the lands, bringing both the Los Angeles River and people into the area. In 1927 CBS Studio was built there (designed and constructed by Mack Sennett), and the area around the studio was henceforth dubbed “Studio City.” However, despite its shaky start, Studio City would go on to be a fantastic neighborhood: it has since grown to around thirty thousand residents, and now is home to many iconic sites and locations, including the first racially integrated firehouse in the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

Life in Studio City

As previously mentioned, Studio City has one of the lowest population densities in the city, with its approximately thirty-seven thousand all living with a certain degree of privacy and elbow room. While the average age for residents is about thirty-eight years old, the neighborhood has a number of excellent elementary and high schools, including Oakwood Elementary School and Harvard-Westlake School (grades ten to twelve). The community is a friendly one, with the Studio City Chamber of Commerce setting up a number of events, including mixers and functions for locals to meet up at and mingle. Just East of Sherman Oaks, Studio City has easy access to calm of outer Los Angeles suburbs and is still close enough to the heart of the city to make travel to and from easy and seamless.

Notable Natives and Residents

Studio City has a massive roster of stars from many walks of life that have either lived there or are currently calling it home. Something about the town seems to draw media icons into Studio City apartments, and whether they stay to get away from the crowded, inner Los Angeles lifestyle and find privacy, or because they want to capitalize on the proximity to the CBS Studio, dozens of actors, actresses, musicians, and sports players live in Studio City. In acting, stars like George Clooney, Gary Cole, Mila Kunis and Cuba Gooding Jr. all reside in the area. Musicians like Eddie Van Halen, Frank Zappa, and Mac Miller all live in the neighborhood, along with many other celebrities.