Venice Beach Staycation Guide

Unfortunately, vacationing in places like Italy is pretty darn expensive. So if you’re already living in a Venice apartment (the California city), why not have a nice staycation in the area instead of traveling to an expensive destination. With plenty of entertainment, attractions, and beach activities, a staycation from Venice apartments is more than just feasible, you’d be crazy to not take advantage of all there is to do around you.

Venice, California is known as a pretty quirky and eccentric place. It’s a rather robust neighborhood with a lot of colorful characters and that’s one of the reasons it’s so fun! There’s a lot of things to do in this little corner of Los Angeles to appeal to the tastes of pretty much anyone renting a Los Angeles apartment.

The Activities

For one, there’s a reason this place is named after the Venice of Italy: the city is overflowing with Venetian canals modeled after the original Venice, creating numerous aquatic pathways that are definitely worth admiring, even if only for their great architecture. After all, it’s probably the closest you can get to the Italian Venice from your Venice apartments without going to Italy.
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Venice also has quite the popular boardwalk, is right next to the beautiful Santa Monica beach, and filled to the brim with diversity and variety. There are numerous spas, gyms, restaurants, and a number of street entertainers. If you aren’t sure what you want to do in the city that day, simply strolling the boardwalk is a great way to find something to do with some spontaneity.

The Venice Oceanarium is a great choice if you’d really like to see the aquatic life of the ocean up close. They have weekly exhibits out on the pier for just that, creating a ‘museum without walls’, as they like to say. Said pier is actually a very relaxing strolling destination, for those of you who’d rather not get too lost in the eccentricity that is the rest of the city. It’s generally much less crowded than the rest of the area, also making it a favorite place for fishermen that need the peace and quiet to engage in their hobby.

Believe it or not, Venice is also a very nice place to go scouring through thrift shops. There is a huge variety of them in the city, and chances are you can find some interesting and unique trinkets.

Venice is also a burgeoning hub for new technology startup companies. Christened “Silicon Beach”, many up-and-coming tech companies are headquartered here. The environment is great for those interested in new ideas and there are many opportunities to get involved in the startup community to exchange ideas.

The Bottom Line

That said, Venice, California, is not your typical Los Angeles coastal city. It’s filled with eccentric personalities and full of things you probably wouldn’t expect. But for people who don’t like normal, who would much rather enjoy the strange than steer clear of it, Venice apartments are available to put you exactly where you wanna be. Whether you’re more into sightseeing and people watching on the boardwalk, or hunting for unique and interesting items in the many stores around, Venice is a city that is among the most entertaining and fascinating in Los Angeles.

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