[Neighborhood] Sherman Oaks

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Top Things to Do in the Area

Sherman Oaks is filled with beautiful sights to see and things to do: the neighborhood is home to numerous lush parks and scenic drives, perfect for people wanting to get out of their Sherman Oaks apartment and get more in touch with nature, with The Getty Center and Mulholland Drive being popular spots for nature lovers. If you’re looking to relax indoors, Sherman Oaks has various spas to spend a fun, relaxing day in, like the Burke Williams Spa, or the Blue Medi Spa. If you’re a movie lover, you can take in a movie with your friends at the Arclight Cinema, or you can delve into the world of movies at Universal Studios Hollywood, which won the Traveller’s Choice of 2016! With year-round warm weather, it’s never tough to find something to do in Sherman Oaks.

Unique Facts

Just what constitutes as the “Sherman Oaks neighborhood” has been contested quite often, ever since the neighborhood’s founding. Although the area has always been a suburban one, there were land disputes as to where the borders of this neighborhood lay dating all the way back to the early 1900s, and issues kept on being raised regularly both by residents and by members of the surrounding areas until 2009, when the Los Angeles City Council voted to redraw the neighborhood’s borders once and for all. In 1999, Los Angeles citizens voted to have every neighborhood require a Neighborhood Council. Even though the Sherman Oaks boundaries have changed over time, the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council has been dedicated to making sure Sherman Oaks is a happy, welcoming place to live, organizing community events and functions that keep the neighborhood feeling connected.

Life in Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks keeps a pleasant harmony between being excellently suited for both visiting tourists and permanent families. The neighborhood’s many parks and recreational spaces lend themselves well to children and adults alike, and Sherman Oaks is home to many different wonderful schools, including Notre Dame High School and the Ivy Bound Academy for Math, Science, and Technology on Morrison Street. Sherman Oaks has approximately fifty thousand residents who form a tight-knit, supportive community, and between the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council and the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce, the community is committed to making sure that Sherman Oaks remains the pleasant place it’s always been.

Notable Natives and Residents

Sherman Oaks actually has had quite the number of superstars residing in it over the years, with dozens of actors, sports stars, musicians and artists calling it home at one point or another. Some of the more famous residents have included famous actor Shia LaBeouf, singer and television icon Paula Abdul, professional football player Ben Gottschalk, and the infamous actor Charlie Sheen. Furthermore, many celebrities spent childhoods and went to school in Sherman Oaks, including popular thespians Kirsten Dunst and Katharine McPhee, and baseball players Brendan Ryan and Jack McDowell: Sherman Oaks has become quite the star-studded neighborhood in recent years!