Santa Monica College (SMC) - Off Campus Housing FAQ

Question 1. How much does it cost to rent apartments near Santa Monica College?

Answer: The cost of living varies based on the location and quality of life you're seeking. In general however, the rent in Santa Monica costs about $1,100 to $1,700 per month per person. Culver City could be around $1,000 as a minimum and the rent in Westwood Village could be around $1000.

Question 2. How can I get to school?

Answer: Public transportation in Santa Monica, Westwood Village and Downtown LA is very accessible. Whether you're living in apartments near SMC in Westwood Village or Santa Monica, there are metro lines running around the area. So it is possible if you want to take buses to school. Most people however prefer to drive to campus. Carpooling is a great option if you have roommates who are also going to class at similar times.

Question 3. What is the rental process if I want to rent one of the apartments?

Answer: RentSpree offers a services to help students from Santa Monica College to complete the rental process with either landlords or apartment complex leasing office. Simply send an "inquiry" to our system and we'll have a rental adviser contact you. We can assist both local or international students. We have a well established process to assist you. Everything is completely free.

Question 4. How can I find roommate?

Answer: You can always let a RentSpree housing adviser know how many roommates you need and what you're looking for. We'll then find a match for you!