Santa Monica College (SMC) - General Information

Santa Monica College (SMC) is a two-year community college located in world famous city Santa Monica, California,and its main campus is only about 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean.


Founded in 1929, Santa Monica City College has more than 80 majors and over 35,000 students on Campus. With a 38 acre campus, Santa Monica has been grown to a thriving community college. SMC offers majors such as Art, Automotive Technology, Business, Communication and Media, Computer Science and Information Systems, Psychology, Life Sciences Mathematics, etc.

International Students

Santa Monica is a well known community college in the nation which accept a massive amount of international students. More than 3,500 students from over 90 countries are enrolled in SMC.

Student Housing

Since SMC is a community college, the school doesn’t provide on-campus housing, students attending the school would either live with their family or friends, or they need to find apartments near Santa Monica College, there are some cities which are close and ideal for students to live as SMC housing, such as Malibu, Santa Monica, Westwood Village, Central City and Culver City. There are many apartments near Santa Monica College, which are managed by property management company, also, there are some families renting out rooms for SMC students as well.