[Neighborhood] San Clemente

San Clemente Apartments and Houses for Rent

San Clemente is located on the California coast, in Orange County. This city is known for its pleasant climate, Spanish colonial style architecture, beaches, hill, and mountain views. Early inhabitants were the Juaneño native people followed by the Spaniards.

In 1925, Mayor of Seattle, Ole Hanson, an out of town, major land developer, purchased and designed a 2,000-acre community. The city was then named by him after San Clemente Island. Hanson had a vision to build a Mediterranean-style coastal resort town and added a clause to the deeds necessitating all building plans to undergo an architectural review. This vision, however was short lived and you find a very diverse mix of building styles in all parts of the town. You find the healthy mix of the Mediterranean buildings as well as the San Clemente apartments all over. It was officially incorporated as a city in 1928 and since then grew rapidly due to its unique attractions. According to the 2010 United States Census, 36 % of the reported population in this place were staying in rented housing units consisting of San Clemente apartments.

Top things to do

Don’t miss out on the great surfing experience as this city is known as the surfing media capital of the world with Surfing Magazine, The Surfer's Journal, and Longboard Magazine and Surfer Magazine all coming from here. The city hosts the "Western White House", which was President Nixon’s property called as "La Casa Pacifica". It is said that many world leaders have visited this place during his tenure. If you are looking for some ocean view shopping and great bargains under an open roof, please head to The Outlets, a sprawling, new retail project offering many well-known brands.

Unique Facts about the Area

Owing to the surfing legacy, the city has a large share of surfboard shapers and manufacturers and many renowned surfers took up residences here in the San Clemente apartments sprawled across the city. 6 out of 7 most recent NSSA national surfing titles have been won by San Clemente High School. The city has been the setting of the MTV reality show, Life of Ryan and the 2005 movie Brick.

What it’s like living in San Clemente

Known for its pleasant climate, fertile soil and beautiful beaches, San Clemente is the getaway haven from the hustle and bustle of California. If you wish to explore the beaches, realize your surfing dreams and soak in the scenic beauty and would just like to chill for a few days, there are enough San Clemente apartments that offer you accommodation. For those who live here, jobs can be found in one of the many companies having their corporate headquarters here. And you could also choose from the many of the elementary and middle schools present in the city, followed by the one high school. The wards of these schools have even gone on to perform at Carnegie Hall. If you are looking at taking up a residence here, then choose from the many San Clemente apartments and you may well find yourself heading to Carnegie Hall next to catch your child’s performance.

Famous Celebrities

Apart from President Nixon, understandably a whole host of surfers, actors, musicians and baseball players are part of the city’s hall of fame.