Rent Riverside Apartments for Rent

Located near the Santa Ana River, Riverside is the 12th biggest civic of California. It is proud to host the University of California under its territory. Part of the Greater Los Angeles region, this city was formed in the year 1870 and has been an important host to places like, California Citrus Industry and the famous Mission Revival Style structure. The Pacific Ocean stands, nearby and the population of the place which is above 3.5 million, making it an ideal location for developers to set up Riverside Apartments.

Top highlights of Riverside

Riverside is an amazing city of California, which depicts the true history and has best art galleries of California. From the leisure parks to shopping malls this place is truly a great place to stay and enjoy. The memorable Mission Inn and the Fox Theatre, Riverside showcase the historical purview of the place. Riverside is privileged to have the “World’s Largest Paper Cup” under its kitty. Although the structure is made of concrete, but it gives a lot of visibility to the city. The beautiful mountains and hills of Box Spring Mountains, Tecolote hills, tend to raise the prices of Riverside Apartments. The oldest Air force base, founded in the year 1918 on the west side of the River Mississippi, too belongs to Riverside. The Frederick Law designed “Fairmount Park” known for its elaborate urban oasis beautifies Riverside still today, and intensifies the natural flora and fauna of the district.

Living in Riverside

The city of Paper Cups is a growth oriented city. With population crossing the three million mark one can easily make out the level of facilities the government provides in this region. Abundant infrastructure, low cost of livelihood, inflates the demand for Riverside Apartments. The city is considered as one of the quickest growing cities of California. The diversity and positive outlook are reflected through the business houses setting their base in Riverside. Most manufacturing units have found their space in this region, thereby giving a lot of employment opportunities to the inhabitants. Plenty of junior and senior secondary school with University of California native to Riverside, the place strikes the minds of all classes of people for residing here. Riverside hosts community festivals each year, to develop a sense of closeness, among its residents. These efforts by the government, makes it a peaceful region to set abode.

Unique facts of Riverside

The culture and infrastructural benefits have convinced the people from various regions to reside in Riverside. The city proudly welcomes people from diverse background to set up their business in Riverside. This is the reason that the number of businesses, run by women, Asians and Hispanics is phenomenal. A large chunk of the military, approximately 6% of the total habitants of Riverside is from the forces. Riverside Apartment requests are substantially higher due to this reason. The cremation ground at Riverside known as “Riverside National Cemetery” is also exceptional, as it stands at third position in the world, in terms of its area.

Famous Figures of Riverside

The popular baseball player “Barry Bonds” was born in the beautiful inland city of Riverside. The children’s activist, host and scriber “Don Imus”, was also born and brought up in Riverside Apartments.