How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Support Your Business

November 11th, 2020
How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Support Your Business

A virtual assistant can be a great asset to your real estate business. Whether you’re looking to free up time to focus on high-impact work, such as closing deals that will generate revenue and grow your business, or you want more to achieve a better work-life balance, a virtual assistant may be the key to helping you achieve that goal in a cost-effective manner. 

Below we outline key reasons you should consider hiring a real estate virtual assistant and note where you can find quality virtual assistants to hire.

What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

A real estate virtual assistant is a remote employee that can support your business by offering skilled labor and giving you the ability to refocus your priorities. Today, it’s easier than ever to hire a virtual assistant and form a trusting, productive relationship with remote employees all while using technology to stay connected.

Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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A real estate virtual assistant can support your business in a number of ways. From freeing up your schedule so that you can focus on more complex tasks to helping you grow your business and achieve new milestones, a virtual assistant can be a valuable asset.

Save Time by Outsourcing Tasks

Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant can help you save time. A real estate virtual assistant can take on administrative tasks or jobs that are maybe just simply outside your wheelhouse, such as data analysis.

Freeing up your schedule can also afford you the opportunity to spend more time doing things you enjoy outside of work and help you achieve a better work-life balance overall.

Save Money on Office Space

Since you won’t need additional office space to support a virtual employee, hiring a virtual assistant tends to be less expensive than hiring a traditional employee who works out of your office space.

Additionally, because a virtual employee can be located anywhere, the talent pool is much bigger. You can choose from candidates who work across the country or even overseas.

Focus on Your Key Tasks

A virtual real estate assistant allows you to spend more time focusing on doing what you do best. Devoting your time to where your talent lies will help you be more productive, land more leads, and potentially even feel more fulfilled.

Grow Your Business

Without being bogged down by lower-level administrative tasks or work that isn’t necessarily your strong suit, you can also focus on building strategic relationships and more revenue generating business opportunities. This can help you achieve your professional goals and grow your real estate business.

Tasks You Can Assign to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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Depending on their experience, a virtual real estate assistant can take on essentially any task that can be completely remote, which is why it’s critical to assess your needs prior to hiring. The best tasks to delegate are those that are more administrative or operational or initiatives that are slightly outside your area of expertise, such as marketing. 

Below are some examples of administrative, operational, and marketing tasks that you can hire a real estate virtual assistant to accomplish.

Administrative Tasks

If administrative and more personal tasks are piling up, a virtual assistant can assist you with completing tasks, such as:

  • Handling office communications
  • Assisting with email management
  • Scheduling appointments and meetings
  • Booking appointments
  • Coordinating travel arrangements
  • Ordering materials and supplies
  • Sending and tracking invoices
  • Assisting with personal tasks
  • Paying bills

Operational Tasks

A virtual assistant can help you with business operations, taking on a variety of tasks, including:  

  • Assisting with financial management
  • Organizing files and databases
  • Conducting research
  • Assisting with meeting preparations
  • Helping with software management
  • Analyzing performance statistics and results
  • Reporting on deliverables 
  • Helping with data entry
  • Updating CRM with lead status

Marketing Tasks

Consider delegating various marketing initiatives to a virtual assistant, such as:

  • Writing blog posts
  • Creating social media content
  • Executing email marketing campaigns
  • Developing marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Managing social media calendar and platforms
  • Analyzing consumer and competitor trends
  • Creating visuals for presentations or clients
  • Posting and updating advertisements
  • Gathering and analyzing customer feedback

Hiring a Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Deciding whether or not hiring a virtual assistant for your real estate business is the right move requires careful consideration. You’ll want to assess the cost-benefit of delegating tasks to a remote employee. Once you decide that it makes sense to hire a virtual assistant, you can then begin the process of finding a qualified candidate.

Consider the Cost-Benefit of Hiring a Virtual Assistant 

Before seeking out a real estate virtual assistant, you’ll want to ensure that a virtual assistant is worth the financial investment for your business. Weigh the potential cost of a virtual real estate assistant against the potential benefits.

Think about how much time having a virtual assistant will free up for you and what you plan to do with that additional time. Depending on your personal and professional goals, you may want to spend more time with your family or a hobby outside of work, or you may want to use the additional time to focus on strategically growing your business. 

It’s also important to know exactly what tasks you’ll want a virtual assistant to take on and how much experience successfully completing those tasks well will require. A more experienced virtual assistant will likely require higher pay.

We put together a list of questions that you can ask yourself to help determine if hiring a virtual assistant is the right for your real estate. Download the questions below.

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Places To Find a Virtual Assistant

When you’re ready to hire a virtual real estate assistant, there are a number of places you can look for talent. There are qualified candidates from all over the world that can help you manage your business. When assessing candidates, consider the scope of the work that you’ll need completed. More complex work, will call for a more experienced virtual assistant with the right background.

Below are companies and websites where you can find a real estate virtual assistant:

  • Magic: Gives you access to a remote workforce of experienced professionals. 
  • MyTasker: An India-based company that connects you to a team of virtual experts.
  • Time etc: Offer U.S.-based virtual assistants with an average of 12 years of experience.
  • Upwork: Find talented freelance workers with varied levels of experience in different fields.
  • MyOutDesk: An American-owned business with overseas offices that connects you with a team of virtual professionals.
  • VaVa Virtual: Matches you with a virtual assistant based on your needs.

A virtual assistant can help you manage your personal and professional needs. You can focus spending more time outside of work or on growing your real estate business. Be sure to check out RentSpree’s helpful tools for additional ways to make your life easier, including our online rental application and tenant screening services.