2021’s Top 20 Real Estate Slogans + Worksheet

January 19th, 2021
2021’s Top 20 Real Estate Slogans + Worksheet

If a potential client learns about your business via an online advertisement, prospecting postcard, or business card, your real estate slogans are the first pieces of information they’re going to gather about your brand. Because of this, your slogan needs to be top-notch. Otherwise, you risk missing out on new business opportunities because prospects forgot about you and your boring slogan.

Writing a pitch-perfect real estate slogan is no easy task, so to help you we’ve compiled the top 20 slogans of 2021 as inspiration. From national brokerages to hyper-local agents, we hope these examples can help you come up with a slogan that best represents your unique offerings.

5 Real Estate Agent Slogans

illustration and slogan for real estate agents

If you’re a new real estate agent or run a solo practice, these basic real estate slogans are a great starting out point for learning what works.

  1. “Trust True”
  • Who It’s From: True Real Estate, a small local firm in Mankato, MN. Contributed by Corey Paben of Keller Williams Preferred Realty.
  • Why It Works: This punchy slogan inspires confidence in the agent’s local knowledge. “If you are operating in a smaller market where you have grown up, use your status as a local expert. The goal is to make it simple to be easily remembered but to also convey what you bring to the table. [“Trust True”] is simple, and catchy when you see it and it all stemmed from the last name of the founder, Jen True.”
  1. “Strategy in Realty”
  • Who It’s From: John Castle, Keller Williams local agent in Ottawa
  • Why It Works: This slogan produces a feeling of confidence and also helps clients remember the name of the agent. “As an analytical realtor, I'm uniquely positioned to help my clients with their investment strategies. I chose 'strategy in realty' - it's punchy and it connects with my logo (a chess rook - which looks like a castle - which happens to be my last name).”
  1. “Experienced. Knowledgeable. Dedicated.”
  • Who It’s From: A small division of Sotheby’s called the Williamson Group in Woodstock, VT
  • Why It Works: Sometimes clients don’t want to decipher what your slogan actually means. This direct slogan appeals to buyers who are looking for no-frills, quality work.
  1. “Helping Homeowners Sell Privately.”
  • Who It’s From: For-sale-by-owner specialist Connie Heintz, president of DIYOffer in Ontario
  • Why It Works: This slogan directly addresses the unique needs of DIY Offer’s customer base. “When crafting the slogan for my real estate business, I wanted to address three things - what we do differently, customers’ pain points about the real estate experience, and the most desired outcome we wanted to see for our clients. This birthed the slogan “Helping Homeowners Sell Privately.’’
  1. “Up North Dream”
  • Who It’s From: Andy LaPointe, real estate agent in northern Michigan
  • Why It Works: In just three words, this slogan paints a picture of the customer in their new home. “In Michigan, many dream about leaving the Detroit area and move up north.”

5 Funny Real Estate Slogans

illustration of round business card and funny real estate slogan

If humor is more your style, you’ll need to get creative with your real estate puns and references. Here are a few examples of the best funny real estate slogans.

  1. “Call Me When You Get Around To It” + Round Business Card
  • Who It’s From: Chris Cucchiara at Keller Williams Realty Central Coast in San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Why It Works: The point of funny real estate slogans is to help prospective clients remember you. This takes it a step further by incorporating a unique business card that clients can take with them. “...It’s something different from the plain ole square card. It has sparked conversation and business from it.”
  1. “Everything I Touch Turns to Gold”
  • Who It’s From: Chantay Bridges, Senior Real Estate Specialist at Los Angeles Real Estate Now
  • Why It Works: Thinking outside the box is the only way to stand out with your real estate slogan. This slogan works by playing off of the overly-used slogan “everything I touch gets sold.” “Show a house with a sold sign turning into gold inside a bank account. Anything that sets you apart. Don't follow the masses, don't say or do what everyone else is doing. Your slogan can have parts of the popular saying but then leave it right there, and come up with something no one saw coming. Make it new, catchy and all you.”
  1. “Keep Calm and Call a Realtor”
  • Who It’s From: General pop culture quote
  • Why It Works: When in doubt, adopting a pop culture phrase and tweaking it to fit your brand can make a great real estate slogan. Since clients are likely already familiar with the phrase, it can help them to remember you, especially if you also incorporate something about the slogan into your logo as well.
  1. “Buy Land, They’re Not Making it Anymore”
  • Who It’s From: Quote from American author Mark Twain
  • Why It Works: This humorous quip makes the reader pause and think about its meaning for a moment, meaning they are more likely to remember the agent behind the quote. Again, if you wanted to take this a step further you could incorporate old-timey branding into your business card and other marketing materials.
  1. “If At First You Don’t Succeed, I Can Get It Sold For You”
  • Who It’s From: General pop culture quote
  • Why It Works: This is another example of repurposing a well-known quote, playing off of “if you don’t succeed, try try again.” In this case, the slogan is directly targeted toward FSBO and FRBO owners who failed to sell or rent the property on their own.

5 Real Estate Slogans for Advertising

illustration of home shaped like a heart with a real estate slogan for advertising

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to stick with just one real estate slogan. Though you don’t want to confuse potential clients by having too many, creating 2-3 options can be helpful when exploring different marketing channels. Advertisements, especially online ads, typically have minimal text, so your slogan for advertising should be short and to the point. Here are slogan examples that can work as both your main slogan and an advertising slogan.

  1. “Extraordinary Reach. Extraordinary Results.”
  • Who It’s From: Noble Black, a luxury real estate brokerage in Manhattan, New York
  • Why It Works: The symmetry in the text works well to communicate the sophisticated feel of this agency, while the descriptor “extraordinary” still packs a punch.
  1. “Love Where You Live.”
  • Who It’s From: Real NY, a full-service firm based in New York City
  • Why It Works: Again, the symmetry of beginning with “love” and ending with “live” makes this phrase catchy. It also produces an emotional reaction from the viewer and makes them feel hopeful about finding a place to live that they’ll truly love.
  1. “Find Your Place”
  • Who It’s From: Compass, a real estate company based in New York City
  • Why It Works: This real estate slogan also taps into the emotional side of things. After all, isn’t finding our place what all of us want? This slogan implies that the viewer hasn’t found what they’re looking for yet but that Compass will help them find it.
  1. “Your Move.”
  • Who It’s From: The Agency, based in Malibu, CA
  • Why It Works: With just two words, this slogan not only makes a pun about moving but also challenges the viewer in a daring way. The unique edginess of this firm is able to come through their slogan and set them apart.
  1. “The Next Move is Yours”
  • Who It’s From: National real estate firm Douglas Elliman, headquartered in New York City
  • Why It Works: This slogan is effective for much the same reasons as the previous slogan. The difference is that this slogan empowers the reader to make the next move instead of challenging them. Both approaches are effective and work well for the different tones each company is working toward.

5 Great Real Estate Slogans

illustration of real estate agent with a great real estate slogan

Below are five all-around great real estate slogan examples that can be used as inspiration for new agents, real estate firms, or experienced solo agents looking to refresh their brand.

  1. “Move to What Moves You”
  • Who It’s From: National real estate agency Halstead, based in the Tri-state area
  • Why It Works: Not only does this slogan incorporate the word “move” twice, it makes the reader stop and think about what it actually means. This little bit of extra effort is often all it takes for a brand to stick in the minds of viewers.
  1. “Live Who You Are”
  • Who It’s From: Corcoran, a real estate firm operating in New York City and South Florida
  • Why It Works: Playing on the phrase “love who you are,” this slogan challenges viewers to go further and live in a place that better represents who they want to be.
  1. “Defying Mediocrity”
  • Who It’s From: National real estate company Century 21
  • Why It Works: Short and sweet, the potential client knows exactly what they’re getting with this slogan, while it also serves as a strong reassurance in quality work.
  1. Changing the Face of Real Estate, One Happy Homeowner at a Time”
  • Who It’s From: Homelight, a national real estate company with offices in multiple cities
  • Why It Works: Again, incorporating double meanings into your real estate slogans is a great way to deliver additional information with just a few words. This slogan promises to do things better than before to put a smile on their client’s faces. Who wouldn’t want that?
  1. “Where Dreams Come Home”
  • Who It’s From: Coldwell Banker, one of the largest national real estate corporations in the country, headquartered in Madison, NJ
  • Why It Works: This slogan manages to inspire both comfort and ambition in just four words, by letting readers imagine themselves reaching for their dreams while also having a safe place to land.

Feeling inspired yet? Below are a few tips to help you get started on your own perfect real estate slogan.

5 Tips for Crafting Your Real Estate Slogan

If you still aren’t sure where to start, here are a few jumping-off points to get your thoughts moving in the right direction:

  1. Keep it Simple: It seems obvious, but if you find your slogan ideas getting too lengthy, it’s probably a good indication that you should go back to the drawing board. A slogan of 2–6 words is typically ideal.
  2. Empathize with Your Customers: Put yourself in the minds of your customers and try to see what they see. What language can you use to put their minds at ease, inspire confidence, or address pain points?
  3. Use the Active Voice: Using the passive voice in your real estate slogan can sound uncertain and won’t inspire confidence. With just a few words at your disposal, using the passive voice can be confusing as well. For example, “I create happy homes” (active) is much more clear than “Happy homes are created by me” (passive).
  4. Set Yourself Apart: Perhaps the most important factor to consider when coming up with your real estate slogan is to identify your unique assets that the competition doesn’t have.
  5. Paint a Picture: Vague slogans just won’t cut it, you need to paint a picture with your words so your potential clients can envision exactly how you will be helping them and what the end result will be.

Take a look at our brainstorming worksheet for real estate slogans below to help get your creative juices flowing:

worksheet mockup for creating a real estate slogan

Once you’ve settled on the perfect slogan and the clients start rolling in, RentSpree is here to support you with fast, online tenant screening and rental application services. Contact us for a demo to see just how we help make our agent’s lives easier.