Top Real Estate Hashtags for 2021

January 18th, 2020
Top Real Estate Hashtags for 2021

In today’s socially-distanced world, taking advantage of social media is an even more essential strategy for agents. Using real estate hashtags can help take your posts the extra mile by reaching the right potential prospects and networking opportunities. Below is our roundup of the top real estate hashtags for 2021 along with tips for using them on each specific channel.

Table of Contents:

  • What Are Hashtags?
  • 20 Best Real Estate Hashtags for Listings
  • 20 General-Use Hashtags for Real Estate
  • 15 Top Real Estate Hashtags to Highlight Neighborhoods
  • 10 Best Hashtags for Real Estate Humor
  • 10 Real Estate Hashtags for COVID-19
  • Hashtag Tips for Different Social Media Sites
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
  • General Real Estate Hashtag Advice

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags are extra words or phrases that you can add to social media posts. They start with the pound or hash symbol, “#,” followed by the extra word or phrase you want to add. They’re used to give posts more context and allow them to be seen by a wider audience. You can think of them as extra descriptors or categories. For example, if someone posted a picture of a burger they were about to eat, the caption of the photo might read “Been waiting for this meal all day!” Then the hashtags would follow the caption and be something like “#burger, #yum, #dinnertime, #ILoveFood,” etc. Users can type hashtags into the search bar on social media sites to find posts that use that specific hashtag.

mockup of a real estate social media post

So, how are real estate hashtags used? By tagging your posts appropriately, they can appear when people search that hashtag. For example, say you share several photos of a house for which you’re looking for new tenants. You hashtag the post with “#NYCApartments.” A tenant looking for a new apartment searches “#NYCApartments” on the site and comes across your post. They’re interested in the photos and contact you for a showing.

Below are the best real estate hashtags for 2021 broken up into categories depending on the goal of the post and its target audience.

20 Best Real Estate Hashtags for Listings

  1.  #home
  2.  #property
  3.  #forsale
  4.  #forrent
  5.  #realestateagent
  6.  #newhome
  7.  #dreamhome
  8.  #househunting
  9.  #apartmenthunting
  10.  #sold
  11.  #homesforsale
  12.  #justlisted
  13.  #renovated
  14.  #curbappeal
  15.  #midcenturymodern
  16.  #victorian
  17.  #edwardian
  18.  #turnofthecentury
  19.  #shiplap
  20.  #petfriendly

20 General-Use Hashtags for Real Estate

  1.  #realestate
  2.  #realtor
  3.  #realestateagent
  4.  #realtorlife
  5.  #investment
  6.  #interiordesign
  7.  #architecture
  8.  #broker
  9.  #realestateinvestor
  10.  #FSBO
  11.  #makememove
  12.  #mansion
  13.  #foreclosure
  14.  #fixandflip
  15.  #homesweethome
  16.  #luxuryrealestate
  17.  #luxuryhomes
  18.  #properties
  19.  #firsttimehomebuyer
  20.  #openhouse

15 Top Real Estate Hashtags to Highlight Neighborhoods

  1.  #neighborhood
  2.  #lovewhereyoulive
  3.  #localmusic
  4.  #loveyourneighborhood
  5.  #neighborsandfriends
  6.  #community
  7.  #downtown
  8.  #uptown
  9.  #suburbs
  10.  #beachlife
  11.  #walkable
  12.  #”neighborhood” + realestate
  13.  #”neighborhood” + home”
  14.  #”neighborhood” + apartment”
  15.  #”neighborhood + realtor”

10 Best Hashtags for Real Estate Humor

  1.  #thedailyhometip
  2.  #theweeklyhometip
  3.  #freewine
  4.  #freecookies
  5.  #freesnacks
  6.  #felinefriendly
  7.  #poochfriendly
  8.  #justrealtorthings
  9.  #riseandgrind
  10.  #realestatehumor

10 Real Estate Hashtags for COVID-19

  1. #socialdistancing
  2.  #remotework
  3.  #remoteopenhouse
  4. #virtualtour
  5.  #stayhome
  6.  #staysafe
  7.  #quarantine
  8.  #qurantinelife
  9.  #covid
  10. #covid-19safe
  11.  #coronavirus
  12.  #inthistogether

Hashtag Tips for Different Social Media Sites

Now that you know which hashtags you can use on different types of posts, we’ll cover specific tips for using hashtags on each platform.

1. LinkedIn

hashtag recommendations for linkedin

LinkedIn is a social network aimed at working professionals and job seekers. It’s used by coworkers looking to connect with other coworkers, recruiters looking for the right job candidates, and thought leaders to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. Though you can share photos and videos to LinkedIn, users more often use it to share data studies or thought leadership articles, or to connect with others in their industry via LinkedIn groups.

  • Best Used For: Connecting with other agents for referral opportunities, joining real estate groups to stay up on news.
  • How Many Hashtags: Like most social networking sites, using too many hashtags on LinkedIn makes your post seem spammy. Stick to 3-5 hyper-relevant hashtags for each of your posts.
  • Unique Opportunity: On LinkedIn, you can follow specific hashtags, meaning posts that use those hashtags will show up on your feed even if you aren’t connected with the poster. Following hashtags is another great way to stay current on industry trends.

2. Twitter

hashtag recommendations from twitter

Whereas LinkedIn is almost entirely a professional platform, Twitter is a mix of celebrity accounts, meme pages, industry leaders sharing their work, news and events, and pretty much everything else you can think of. While you can also share pictures, videos, and links on Twitter, the actual text that you write can only be 280 characters maximum, including hashtags.

  • Best Used For: Staying up to date with real estate news and trends by following big-name publications along with notable names in the industry.
  • How Many Hashtags: Because of its limited character allowance, it’s best to stick to 1-2 hashtags on Twitter.
  • Unique Opportunity: Twitter’s “Trending” tab allows you to explore tweets by topic while also suggesting relevant accounts and hashtags for you to follow.

3. Facebook

hashtag recommendations for facebook

One of the longest-running and most popular social media platforms, Facebook is also one of the most varied. Just like Twitter, Facebook attracts users with a variety of interests, though it’s often used for staying to touch with friends and classmates. Facebook also offers Groups and Pages where people in specific organizations can join to discuss their topics of interest.

  • Best Used For: Connecting with other agents in your marketplace along with finding potential prospects.
  • How Many Hashtags: Hashtags are not as popular on Facebook as they are with other social platforms, though you can still search through them. According to Sprout Social, Facebook posts with just one hashtag receive the most engagement.
  • Unique Opportunity: Join Groups and Pages that are relevant to your market and industry, such as apartment-seekers groups and homeowner’s associations. You can also utilize Facebook Marketplace to publish photos of your available properties.

4. Instagram

hashtag recommendations for instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms among Millennials, so if this is your target audience you’ll definitely want to establish a presence here. Instagram is also the most visual-centered channel which is ideal for showcasing your available properties and generating interest in open houses.

  • Best Used For: Connecting with new prospects through hashtag research and generating interest around your property photos.
  • How Many Hashtags: If you’re ready to go all out with real estate hashtags, Instagram is the platform for you. The site allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, but you should only use the maximum number if all of them are relevant. In general, 15-20 hashtags is a good goal for Instagram.
  • Unique Opportunity: Instagram has one of the most robust hashtag research functions, so you can use this to your advantage by reverse-searching some of your hashtags to find prospects who are actively apartment or house-hunting.

5. Pinterest

hashtag recommendations for pinterest

Another visually-focused social media channel is Pinterest. Although Pinterest is home to users interested in a variety of topics, it primarily appeals to people who share posts around wellness, fashion, home decor, recipes, and arts and crafts. Pinterest is set up in a unique way, where the user follows specific categories and hashtags and puts together virtual “boards” with themed “pins” on them).

  • Best Used For: Finding potential prospects through home decor and interior design trends.
  • How Many Hashtags: Because the hashtags live under the actual visuals of the post, you can use more without crowding the post space. 10-15 hashtags is a good estimate for Pinterest.
  • Unique Opportunity: In addition to highlighting photos of your properties, you can curate boards on specific interior design or architecture trends to demonstrate your expertise and appeal to potential prospects looking to move into these types of homes.

General Real Estate Hashtag Advice

illustrations with general hashtag advice

In addition to the hashtag recommendations for the specific sites above, here are a few general best practices for using real estate hashtags.

1. Whatever You Do, Don’t Overuse Them

As we’ve mentioned, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when using real estate hashtags is to overuse them. When used correctly, hashtags add relevant context to your posts that allow them to be seen by a wider audience interested in that topic. When too many are used incorrectly, it makes your post appear spammy and you aren’t likely to receive much engagement. Worse, it can also make you look amateurish if you don’t know how to use social media correctly.

2. Constantly Research Competitor and Prospect Hashtags

Though the hashtags we listed at the start of this article should be enough to cover all your bases, social media is constantly evolving and new, fruitful hashtags can spring up overnight. You should be constantly monitoring your competitors’ posts to see what types of hashtags they are using and if any particular types of posts are getting more engagement. When you search hashtags to find prospects, you can also take a look at the rest of the hashtags they use on their posts to learn more about the topics you should be focusing on to appeal to this type of prospect.

3. Save Hashtags for Easy Access

Instead of trying to remember the best real estate hashtags to use every time you post, save your hashtags for easy copy-and-paste access in a running document. If you want to get more in-depth with your documentation, you can break out the hashtags into different tabs depending on the social media platform they work best on. You can also keep track of engagement metrics for certain hashtags, or separate them by post type to make things even faster. For example, you could have a list of 10-15 hashtags you use for advertising an open house, and another list of hashtags for a certain type of home architecture.

4. Being Specific is Key

Using general real estate hashtags is a good strategy for making sure your post is seen by a wider audience, but to find relevant prospects being specific is key. In addition to location-centered hashtags, you should also hashtag anything unique about the property to attract people also searching for that asset. This could include the pet policy, the type of decor, if it’s a “fix and flip,” and many other features.

We hope that you found this guide to real estate hashtags helpful and that it helps you jump-start your business on social media, especially since remote connections are more important than ever. As always, RentSpree is also here to help with your online tenant screening and rental application services.