The Best Ways to Obtain a Basic Rental Application Form

January 11th, 2021
The Best Ways to Obtain a Basic Rental Application Form

Many property managers will go to their legal counsel and have a lawyer create a new application and lease from start to finish. While this option ensures high-accuracy -- it's also expensive. Fortunately, there are many ways to get a free rental application form that you can customize. You'll save money on the form creation, but can still send this over for a much shorter legal review as needed. 

A rental application is the simplest and most accurate way to vet a potential tenant for your property. Your rental application should ask standard questions such as work history and references, as well as cover many miscellaneous topics such as type of pet and age of persons living in the unit. A great rental application will ensure that you not only ask the right questions of your applicants, but also that you don't forget anything important.

So how do you get a basic rental application form?

Here are some options:

Sample Templates

A template curation site, Sample Templates offers multiple home and apartment lease application options. You can choose from extended applications or just use a short and simple option. The majority of templates available here are in PDF format, but if you need customization, there's also a selection of Word-based documents too. A bonus with Sample Templates is the additional selection of lease agreements on this site too that can be downloaded as PDF, Google Doc, or Microsoft Word files.


A template curator with a twist, eForms also offers a variety of specialized forms including rental applications. What's unique about eForms is the fill-in-the-blank personalization options. There aren't a large number of form types to choose from, but instead you can download easily editable PDFs or text-based documents that can accept easily added e-signatures. Another standout feature of eForms is the state-by-state personalization walkthrough. Select your form type and state then click "create" to choose from multiple common leasing options to fill in the details of your location. Download the whole thing at the end for a professional-looking rental application.

Rental Service Providers

You can find amazing rental resources at many of the online service providers in their education sections of the website. Just because an organization is selling a service doesn't mean they don't also have many fantastic free resources for landlords and property managers that are easily available. With no purchase necessary, you can download a basic rental application form from renting experts like Avail and RentSpree.

Legal Templates

If legal concerns are at the front and center of your rental strategy, you might have luck with forms from Legal Templates. Noting that rental applications may also be called tenant applications, lease applications, rental lease applications, applications for a rental property or residential lease / residential rental applications -- it's clear these template creators take every detail into account. Legal Templates also offers PDF and Word formats as well as state-by-state customization.

Rocket Lawyer is another legal-based free rental application option with state-by-state options and a strong legal background. Rocket Lawyer offers the additional feature of being able to fill out and sign your application online, much similar to eForms is user experience. 

Microsoft Office Templates

If you'd prefer to work directly with a software you know and love already, you might like choosing from templates directly listed with the Microsoft Office Suite. There are many different forms available for Word users including multiple different variations of rental-friendly Microsoft Word documents. Microsoft template libraries are constantly evolving because of savvy users, so expect to find additional options as you check back on these options over time. Text-based Word templates will have the added advantage of being made to edit in Word instead of being converted to a different file type -- so editing should be simple with this option.

Basic rental application forms are an important tool for managing your property, but these forms don't have to dominate your time or empty your bank account. Choose from the many free rental application forms available. You can download a set form, prioritize options for obtaining data online, or use a customizable form to get you started. Choose the exact type of form you need including locations-specific application questions and more.

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