[Neighborhood] Rancho Mirage

Rent Rancho Mirage Apartments and Houses

Living in a Rancho Mirage apartment, California’s resort city would be a little high on the costs, but equally high on the quality of the amenities provided by the city.

Fun things to do

When you decide to move to a house, you would definitely want to know about what’s nearby. So here are a few interesting spots that would be close to your Rancho Mirage apartment:

  • Sunnylands: No doubt this would be on the top of the list. Walter and Leonore Annenberg had built this resort to use it as their winter estate. In 1990 it was pronounced as a historic spot. Annenberg Foundation still takes care of the estate. There are several big-shots who regularly have visited Sunnylands. Prince Charles, US Presidents- George W Bush, Clinton, Barack Obama, Ford, Reagan, and the list is big and glossy. The visitor center and the garden in the Sunnylands are open for public.
  • The River: Located conveniently close to the top rated golf courts, and other recreational spots in Rancho Mirage is this posh recreational center. Fine dining, boutique, The River has them all. It is a one stop spot for dining, entertainment and of course shopping! So once you move into your Rancho Mirage plan for a fun day outing at the River.
  • Rancho Mirage Public Library: With an enormous collection of books and ebooks, story room for the kids, an amphitheater, workstations to access the e-books, the Rancho Mirage Public Library is the place you want to be to kindle the book lover in you. This is no doubt the sought after information hub of the city.

Life in Rancho Mirage would no doubt be exciting. Few of the most preferred and top rated facilities of the city are:

  • Restaurant- Applebee’s, Alberto’s Ristorante, Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa
  • Parks-Blixseth Mountain Park, Magnesia Falls mini park, Rancho Mirage Community Park
  • Shopping- The River, Monterey Marketplace, Pavilions shopping center

The list is big and the options are many; there are many more fun things to do and several places to explore in and around the city.

Quick facts about Rancho Mirage

Located conveniently in the valley of Palm Springs, this city is at a comfortable distance from a few of the major Californian cities. The ranching land’s richness is what attracted the first settlers of this area. The ranching land with its rich fruit farming also became the celebrities’ favorite golfing spot. Residing in a Rancho Mirage apartment entitles you to enjoy year round pleasant sunny weather.

Celebrity homes in Rancho Mirage

There are several celebrities, who have or had their homes in Rancho Mirage like film personalities- Desi Arnaz, Broderick Crawford, Alice Faye, Michelle Carey; astronaut Donald Holmquest, baseball player Ralph Kiner among others.

Life as a Rancho Mirage apartment resident

Rancho Mirage Elementary and High schools are situated in the city itself. Santa Barbara Business College is also within Rancho Mirage. Due to the city’s proximity to several main cities, the options for schools and colleges close by are many. There are top notch medical facilities as well. With few of the best golf fields, hiking trails, recreational spots, parks, restaurant and shopping centers, this city has everything to offer an urban living. Choosing a Rancho Mirage apartment is choosing a resort style living which, though expensive would give you an all safe and fun community to stay.