Los Angeles Pierce College - Quick Fact Guide

Pierce College transportation


Pierce College Los Angeles is locating in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. The city is very well developed with shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment facilities, etc. As we all know, Los Angeles has a poor public transportation system, however, it is lucky that around Pierce College and the apartments nearby, there are a few buses running around the area, so technically you don’t have to drive to live around here, if you want to go to somewhere, Taxi, Uber or Lyft is always an option.


Because of the location, which is the Safenadino Valley, Pierce College and the apartments around it could get pretty hot during the summer, which could be up to 110 degrees. However, it will not be too cold in the winter. As everyone knows, California is suffering severe drought so it rarely rains all year long. Even during the winter, the temperature will still can go as high as in the 75 degrees during the day, and at night, it will be around 40 degrees.


Safety is always the top concern when people move. Woodland Hills is a well developed city, it is very safe around most part of the town. However, as we all know, safety is a personal concern, avoid unsafe activities is always a good way to be secure.


Woodland Hills has all kinds of entertainments, authentic restaurant from all over the world. Within couple miles, there are some great movie theaters, you can enjoy IMAX or 3D movie all year long. Also, woodland Hills is very close to Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and it is only 30min from the Pacific Ocean, sometimes you can even run into movie stars when you are hanging out. You can go to the world famous Universal Studio in Hollywood or Disneyland, enjoy some excitement with your friends and family.

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