Los Angeles Pierce College - Off Campus Housing FAQ

Question 1. How much does it cost to rent apartments near Pierce College?

Answer: The cost of living varies based on the location and quality of life you're seeking. In general however, the rent can various between $550 - $1300. Woodland Hills area could be the most expensive one comparing to Canoga Park and Warner Center, however there are more stores, malls and restaurant in Woodland Hills within walking distance.

Question 2. How can I get to school?

Answer: Public transportation is limit, but there are some options if you live in apartments near Pierce College. There are a few apartments right across the street from school. If you prefer, driving to campus for class is always the most convenient choice. Carpooling is a great option if you have roommates who are also going to class at similar times.

Question 3. What is the difference among renting a house, an apartment or a single room?

Answer: Renting a house, you have to contact the agent to show you the house, or you can find an agent representing you help you rent a house. After showing, if you want to rent that place, you need to submit an application as well as a credit report to the landlord for them to determine if you meet the qualification. If you pass the valuation, you will move on to sign a lease. Usually the agent will charge $30 to $45 for apply. And depends on your credit, you might have to pay one to two months rent as deposit.

Renting an apartment is different, you need to go to the leasing office to schedule a show and apply from their website, usually it cost you $30-$45 to apply, after application, the leasing office will run your background and decide how much deposit you should pay. After the payment, you will need to sign a lease, setup utility account and buy housing insurance before you move in. Need to mention that most of apartment complexes have policy for international renters, who don’t have Social Security Number (SSN), most of the case the application will be approved with condition, and the leasing will ask more for security deposit.

Rent a single room, usually you have to personally contact the listing landlord, sometimes they require an in person interview, if both party are agreed, you can pay the deposit and sign the lease with the landlord.
Pierce college FAQ Question 4. What is the lease term, can I do short term rental?

Answer: Most of the landlord who is renting the house require at least 12 months lease, so if you want to do short term, you can go to apartment complexes, the cost for short term will be more than long term in general, but at least there is an option.

Question 5. What option do I have of restaurants around apartments near Pierce College?

Answer:The area we mentioned are great place for foodies, within 5 miles, you can find authentic food from all over the world. No matter what is your dining budget, you can always be happy with what you get. Pierce College food Breakfast & Brunch:

  • Gasolina Café: Great European style café for breakfast if you live around Warner Center, Canoga Park or Woodland Hills area. Simple but delicious, recommend Latte, breakfast stew, breakfast sandwich, grass fed burger, Churros. Average cost is $10 ppl, street parking.

  • Blu Jam Café: one of the highest ranked breakfast restaurants in the valley, 10min drive from LA Pierce College. There are a lot of choices from gluten free and standard diets.

  • Nicola’s Kitchen: Less than 10min drive from LA Pierce College, they offer free coffee, tea or soda by checking in on Yelp. People love their garlic bread and balsamic vinaigrette dipping. Almond crested French toast is very good. The restaurant also serves lunch and dinner. The restaurant provides pick up or delivery if you live in the area of Warner Center, Canoga Park or Woodland Hills. Average price $10 ppl.


  • Szechwan Place: very authentic Chinese food, delicious and spicy, if you like spicy and real Chinese food, that is a good place to go. Just remind, this is not Americanized version of a Chinese restaurant. The restaurant is about 15min drive from LA Pierce College. Average cost $20 ppl.


  • Tou Hen Bok: Chief owns the restaurant, very small but provide great value of food. Highly recommend combos, you can have rice, udon, soup, sushi, sashimi, anything you want with a great value. Average cost $15 ppl.

  • Gyu-Kaku: Japanese BBQ, very famous. Locates in the mall, the food is great, a bit expensive. About 10 min drive from LA Pierce College. Average cost 35-40 ppl.


  • Gen BBQ: If you want All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ, this is a good place. The quality of meat is okay, but it is really a good price. About 10 min drive from LA Pierce College, average cost is $15.


  • Island Restaurant: typical American food, good burgers, fries, good for a relax Friday party and the price is very reasonable. The restaurant is in the Topanga Mall, so LA Pierce College students who live in the Topanga Apartments can walk there, otherwise it will be only 10min drive if you live in other areas close by.

  • PizzaRev: a fun place to eat, you can build your own pizza, add any topping you want and they will cook, Tuesday special, $6. 10min drive from Pierce College.

  • Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse: recommend Happy Hour
    Operational Hours: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    Happy Hour: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM